My New Favorite Thing

I think I have now seen every show that airs on HGTV and Food Network. Twice. Being at home all day every day with a baby that likes background noise will do that. I don’t mind though, because I’m so busy with him or with doing things around the house, that not only do I not really notice but the time just whizzes by.

Whizzes by to the part of the day when Tyler gets home. Which is kinda my favorite part of the day because I can have a little bit of me time. Me time includes: walking the dogs, working out, showering and pumping without a fussy baby to worry about.

This time last year, me time would have been working out *NOT* at home, drinking, and meeting up with friends. Ah times they are a-changin.

Make no mistake, I have MADE time for a few adult beverages over the past week. (don’t get on your high horse and comment on any alcohol/breastfeeding mumbo jumbo. I’m either not finishing the drinks and/or taking the necessary precautions to avoid passing it along in my milk)

photo 2-51

photo 1-55

For Mother’s day, Tyler got me a pair of spin shoes, a fitbit, and a gift card to the nearby spin/hot yoga studio. A couple of things about this:

  1. Holy Shit that’s a great bunch of Mother’s Day gifts (which prompted me to giddy-up and be on the look out for equally awesome Father’s Day gifts)
  2. Holy Shit I can’t wait to go spinning/hot yoga!

I mentioned that I was given the OK by my doctor to being working out again. Jeeze Louise does it feel good to get back into a workout routine, but ohhhhhhhhh-mah-gawd am I out of shape or what. (to all you non-human parents: you think 6+ weeks postpartum of not working out is eternity, but believe me it FLIES by and you don’t even think about working out). I’ve completed the first week of T25 (Alison, you’ll be hearing from me soon about getting some new DVD’s. I’ve just about worn these babies out!) and walked the dogs each day- anywhere from 1-3.5 miles. I’ve also tried to squeeze in stretching when I can. Which is usually only when I’m brushing my teeth. Forward folds + toothbrush in mouth= hazardous.

We got Wes a mamaroo! I initially wanted to buy one before he was born, but they’re so dang pricey, we didn’t want to risk him not liking it and us kissing a few hundred bucks goodbye. But the kid LOVES it. Which makes this mama LOVE it even more. (we got it used off Kijiji for a steal!)


My new favorite thing? Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Formally my favorite nights to drink, they are now the nights that Tyler does the nighttime routine with Wes and I can go to bed at 10! Oh my god, slap me for this being the new excitement in my life. Someone get me a beer.

Week 1

I survived the first week of being a mom. It was actually pretty easy compared to what I thought it would be!

So far, I’ve:

  • only cried once (Day 1 home- he was crying on the change table and I just didn’t know what to do!!!)
  • spent 2 nights on the nursery floor while he went from crying to sleeping to fussing non-stop
  • took a bath AND shower everyday
  • had a splash of Bailey’s in my coffee
  • took Wes for this first follow-up appointment
  • took Wes for his first walk around the neighborhood
  • went out 2 times to get him more sleepers and newborn diapers (this boy does NOT like to be swaddled! We found out he does best in a sleeper and a light swaddle from the waist down)
  • gone with Tyler to the garden center to get supplies for the backyard project he and my dad are currently working on (levelling the yard, sodding, putting in a raised garden bed and steps to the back gate)
  • went to Costco

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

We have another follow-up appointment today for both Wes and I and I’m pretty sure we will both pass with flying colors. Wes is a feeding CHAMP- which in turn makes him a diaper CHAMP. He’s also getting more and more handsome everyday. My recovery is pretty good too- I won’t go into details (because they’re gross) but I am feeling awesome…awesome enough to want to ease back into some activity…but I’ll listen to whatever the doctor advises!

Having my parents here has been a total game changer. They have helped out SO MUCH and Tyler and I are both so grateful for their help. I’m not sure which I love my mom more for- her taking Wes in the early morning hours so I can get a bit of shut-eye OR her making ALL.THE.FOODS. My dad has been super great as well- getting a ton of our home projects off our plate and running most all of our errands.

I also just want to mention how AWESOME Tyler has been since Wes got here. He is a total natural- even the nurse said so! I know it’s cliche to say, but I love him more now that I’ve seen him with Wes. It’s cool. Like really, really cool. AND yesterday was our 3 year anniversary! We are going to try to celebrate this weekend by having dinner at a nearby restaurant. 🙂

PS: both dogs have adjusted well to the new baby in the house. Reggie actually seems to not care at all and Layla is his sidekick/bodyguard/babysitter. She has not left his side the entire week. I was nervous that they wouldn’t mesh well, but their barking doesn’t even phase Wes. PHEW.

PPS: Boppy pillows are amazing. I should have bought one sooner because they are great snack shelves.


Recap the Week


How was your week/weekend?

Want to know about mine? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here reading this. WELL- here goes:

Monday: I woke up and attempted to get ready for work. I got halfway through straightening my hair and did a big -ol’


– and got back in bed. My cold really hit hard on my energy level and my head felt like it was struck one too many times by a baseball bat. The only productive thing I did all day was successfully watch the entire second season of Downton Abbey under the covers with a giant roll of tp in lieu of kleenex.

Tuesday: I went to work. BOOOOOO. Attempted a run during my lunch break (managed 2.5ish miles?) and went to the Kings of Leon concert.

photo 1-9

Wednesday: Umm… nothing? I don’t remember Wednesday, although I believe I hung around Starbucks during my lunch break and apparently ate a burrito for dinner since it’s the only picture on my phone from Wednesday. I also apparently wrote a Winesday Wednesday post. I worked out too, but of course I forget what I did.


Thursday was nice because I took a bath. Yes, I’m at the point in my life where I remember a day based on bathing technique.



I also did a 5k with a neat push/pull upper body workout (in case you’re wondering how much I’m actually working out while recovering from a cold.)

Friday was fun because I wore stretchy pants to work and ate a salad for lunch and the sun was out and I ate pizza for dinner and went to bed really early because I’m old (read: that doesn’t really make a day fun for me. I’m trying to be sarcastic, but I can’t really tell if it’s working).


Saturday: Tyler went in to work for a few hours, so naturally I napped. Until 2pm. HEY, I’m still in recovery OK?! I also managed to get in a sweaty 60 minute workout, go to Home Depot and buy a sink (hashtag marriedpeopleproblems) and swing buy the ol’ second home (liquor store) for a bottle of wine.


Today (sunday) I ate bacon then went SHOPPING. I haven’t been to the mall in forever, and 3 hours there really did me in. I did manage to find 2 pair of jeans (ok, one might be jeggings), a top, and a workout tank. PS: I bought one pair of jeans from American Eagle— a store I haven’t been in in over 10 years and actually wound up buying a pair that were a size smaller than what I used to get in high school. So that’s cool, right? Also, apparently jean jackets are coming back and now I’m mad at the infinity pairs I’ve given away over the years.


And I ran 5k outside and ate a wiener out of a pie tin.


I’m out.



Well…shit. Another recap. I’m hypocritting to the max this week.

This one is just a general ‘Shit that I did this year that stands out in my mind’ recap. Surely that’s ok, especially for some newer readers who probably never bothered to shuffle through old posts. Because let’s face it, my blog isn’t interesting enough to really do that.

Without futher ado to my readers both old and new (1. Shit, I’m a great poet. 2. I’m saying ‘shit’ a lot in this post), here’s all the shit I remember from this year- and liked:

Going home to NY and seeing Ashley and Athena. And drinking a lot.


(picture taken from Athena’s recap of that weekend, which can be read here)

Getting my Permanent Residency in Canada. (originally posted here)


Going to Seattle and visiting my BFF. And drinking a lot. (originally posted here)


Celebrating our Anniversary. (originally posted here and obviously I suck and didn’t get a picture of us together!)


Getting Reggie. (same post)


Our Wedding. And drinking a lot. (recap here)


Getting my first job in Canada. (announced here)

Quitting my first jon in Canada and starting my second job in Canada a week later. (announced here)

Getting my first new car! (originally posted here)


Going to Las Vegas to visit fam. And drinking a lot. (originally posted here)


So there you have it. Some of my favorite things from 2013. Sorry that was boring.

In the comments: What was your most memorable thing form 2013?