In My Microcosm

Having a newborn can really have you live in your own little microcosm. I feel like we’ve been in this bubble for the past few weeks and ‘real’ life has been put on hold. Except, this is ‘real’ life! We’re still adjusting to our new family dynamic. (And just when we think we’ve got it, he changes the game and we’ve got more to learn.)

Wes turned 6 weeks yesterday, so here’s to hoping he gets more on a schedule so that this mama doesn’t go all bat shit. PS: He’s now 12 pounds and solely on breastmilk. #FATBOY

In an effort to NOT always talk about my baby Note: I’m still in my baby microcosm, remember? So bear with me I wanted to chat about some of my favorite things lately!

1. Twizzlers


Gross, right? My mom bought some when they were here last month and I haven’t been able to stop eating it. I also found out (don’t ask how) that Layla is obsessed with it too. I’m not even going to mention the peanut butter Magnum ice cream bars…

2. Rocky Mountain Soap



My all-time favorites are the Cinnamon and Lemongrass soaps, but I recently bought the geranium soap (because it contained calendula) and I love how gentle it is on my skin. This is where I won’t mention that I’ve been buying products with calendula for Wes because one of the teachers from our childbirth class told us the benefits of the ingredient. Apparently, there’s no scientific proof on it so she couldn’t officially tell us so I won’t officially tell you about it. Google it. Anyhoo– I love it on my skin and I’ve found the baby cream with it has helped Wes’s hiney.

3. Sonoma Cider



Tyler and I are always on the hunt for new products at our local liquor store (have we really tried all of the beers/ciders in the walk in fridge? Yeah, just about.) and we recently came across Sonoma Cider. We’ve purchased the apple and the pear- both are pretty good and they’ve been nice to have a sip or two when Wes is sleeping (which is RARE y’all).

4. Giro Apeckx Cycling Shoes



Tyler bought these for me for Mother’s Day and I cannot WAIT to use them. The spin studio I go to uses these shoes, so I was pretty familiar with them already and I love the fit. I’m thinking of getting back into spin in the next couple of weeks..gotta take it easy you know– natural childbirth + narrow bike seats = no bueno.

5. Another You- Armin van Buuren ft. Mr. Probz

Music like this gets me all excited for summer. I’ve hardly been listening to music lately..NO TIME.. but I fully anticipate making playlists with this type of music in hopes of squeezing in some outdoor runs in the next few months. We. Shall. See.

What have you been loving lately?

My New Favorite Thing

I think I have now seen every show that airs on HGTV and Food Network. Twice. Being at home all day every day with a baby that likes background noise will do that. I don’t mind though, because I’m so busy with him or with doing things around the house, that not only do I not really notice but the time just whizzes by.

Whizzes by to the part of the day when Tyler gets home. Which is kinda my favorite part of the day because I can have a little bit of me time. Me time includes: walking the dogs, working out, showering and pumping without a fussy baby to worry about.

This time last year, me time would have been working out *NOT* at home, drinking, and meeting up with friends. Ah times they are a-changin.

Make no mistake, I have MADE time for a few adult beverages over the past week. (don’t get on your high horse and comment on any alcohol/breastfeeding mumbo jumbo. I’m either not finishing the drinks and/or taking the necessary precautions to avoid passing it along in my milk)

photo 2-51

photo 1-55

For Mother’s day, Tyler got me a pair of spin shoes, a fitbit, and a gift card to the nearby spin/hot yoga studio. A couple of things about this:

  1. Holy Shit that’s a great bunch of Mother’s Day gifts (which prompted me to giddy-up and be on the look out for equally awesome Father’s Day gifts)
  2. Holy Shit I can’t wait to go spinning/hot yoga!

I mentioned that I was given the OK by my doctor to being working out again. Jeeze Louise does it feel good to get back into a workout routine, but ohhhhhhhhh-mah-gawd am I out of shape or what. (to all you non-human parents: you think 6+ weeks postpartum of not working out is eternity, but believe me it FLIES by and you don’t even think about working out). I’ve completed the first week of T25 (Alison, you’ll be hearing from me soon about getting some new DVD’s. I’ve just about worn these babies out!) and walked the dogs each day- anywhere from 1-3.5 miles. I’ve also tried to squeeze in stretching when I can. Which is usually only when I’m brushing my teeth. Forward folds + toothbrush in mouth= hazardous.

We got Wes a mamaroo! I initially wanted to buy one before he was born, but they’re so dang pricey, we didn’t want to risk him not liking it and us kissing a few hundred bucks goodbye. But the kid LOVES it. Which makes this mama LOVE it even more. (we got it used off Kijiji for a steal!)


My new favorite thing? Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Formally my favorite nights to drink, they are now the nights that Tyler does the nighttime routine with Wes and I can go to bed at 10! Oh my god, slap me for this being the new excitement in my life. Someone get me a beer.

Wes Arlo- One Month

Wes One month

Time flies when you don’t sleep (no it doesn’t, but time sure did fly with this kid. I can’t believe he has been on the outside for a whole month!)

I think I’m mostly writing this post for my own future reference, so deal with it..

Likes: staring at the wall over his change table, staring at the blinds in the living room, pooping, having his face tickled, eating, being held

Dislikes: having gas, having clothes put over his head, being swaddled

We’re lucky and only tried to have him sleep in our room the first night he was home. We quickly realized he was great in his crib so long as he was immediately attended to when hungry or needed a change. I sleep facing the monitor in our room and watch it LIKE.A.HAWK.


Currently, he weighs 10 1/2 lbs and measures 23 inches (had him checked out at the doctor today)

At an appointment two days ago, they advised he was gaining about 59 g/day (recommended is 20-30/day) So basically I am feeding him liquid gold.

He’s already grown out of his newborn onesies (TEAR) and wears mostly 3 month clothes.

His feet and hands are HUGE.

His eyes are still blue but I’m rooting for them to turn brown. I’m also rooting for him to be a lefty like his mama.

He is strong. Like, kicks you in the gut strong (legs). Punch you in the chest strong (arms). Bite your nipples off strong (mouth). RUDE.


He eats like a champ. He coos when he sleeps. He doesn’t flinch when the dogs bark. He laughs when he farts in the tub (gets that from his mama). He throws his hands up in the air when he sleeps like he has an ingenious idea. He hates being swaddled. He loves the birdie and owl on his play mat. He loves riding in the car.


He has a widows peak (do those go away?) He has brown hair, but it’s golden blonde in the sunlight. He doesn’t mind when I drop crumbs of my protein bar in his face when we are up for feedings at night. He can ALMOST roll over. He makes some seriously crazy facial expressions.


He loves crapping in fresh diapers. He farts louder than most adults. HE HAS DIMPLES. He sleeps in his crib with his arms over his head.

Layla loves the crap out of him. Reggie doesn’t give a crap about him.


PS: I got cleared to workout!

Babies are Hard

So, having a baby is hard. Ok, wait having the baby wasn’t the hard part…caring for the baby is.

I dropped my parents off at the airport early Monday morning and basically haven’t stopped crying since. I can’t believe I was actually excited for how life alone (during the weekdays) with a newborn would be because now that I’m experiencing it, I am:

  • exhausted
  • in pain (mental/physical/you name it)
  • sad
  • angry (yes, there are those fleeting moments)
  • depressed
  • tired
  • tired
  • tired

Babies are HARD WORK. I think doing 100 consecutive burpees would be an easier task- seriously. Or having an insane hangover. Easy compared to making sure the baby is dry, fed, and happy. Yeah yeah, I am SUPER grateful for having this tiny little human and yeah I think he is the most gorgeous, perfect little dude and wouldn’t have it any other way, but WOOF.

Another thing? I’m dying to have anything non-baby related in my life. You know, to feel….normal. Maybe I’ll have more fitness related things to chat about once I start working out again? And alcohol is at a minimum since the kid eats ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME. He’s a tank. Did I mention that he is 4 weeks old and already past 10 lbs? CHUNK

Great, now I’m looking at him in his bouncy seat and I’m starting to cry. Cry because I love him so much and cry because he is driving me crazy. Cry because he is so freaking adorable and HAS DIMPLES; cry because I don’t want to hold him for 8 hours straight because that’s the only time he won’t cry. Cry because I don’t know why he’s crying. Basically, lots of crying.

On a positive note, I’ve met with a lactation consultant 2x now and she has helped me correct my form which has made the feedings much easier. Plus, I mentioned to her that I loved the pillow they have in the room, and she gave me the number of the place where they are specially made so I picked one up ASAP and it is so much more comfortable than the Boppy.

Run on sentence, whatever.

I’m not complaining. Call it an airing of grievances. I just gotta get it off my chest and maybe *somehow* I can find comfort in knowing that everyone goes through this and eventually it will all get better. WILL get better.

Ah, I feel better already.

photo 5-17

photo 3-40

photo 1-54


Hi there, ho there internet friends! I didn’t mean to be away for almost a week, but life got in the way! It has been quite the week of highs and lows which I thought I’d share (only some because I can’t remember everything. SHEESH)

high: My little man is 3 weeks old today and weighs a hefty 9lbs 4oz

low: My little man is 3 weeks old today and he’s so big. I want to be back in the hospital with his super newness and tinyness

high: My godparents from Las Vegas visited us this weekend! It was a full house and felt a bit hectic, but I’m so glad they got to meet Wes and hang out for a few days.

low: I was in the shower the other day and realized Wes’ birth happened so fast that my mom wasn’t in the delivery room, so I cried.


high: I *think* I’m just about back to my fighting weight. I don’t weigh myself to determine where I am, I prefer to go by how I feel. And I feel pretty great. I have the itch to start working out again, but I know I need to take my time and I’ve been walking every day. No stretch marks and only a bit of a funny belly button right now, but I know that’ll go away after time.

photo 1-53

low: Wes got his you know what snipped today. He didn’t cry at all throughout the procedure, but it absolutely kills me when he whimpers through diaper changes.

high: I had two successful nights with Wes! Granted, it takes a HUGE chunk of time to feed/burp/change/snuggle him each time, but it’s worth it to have a cry-free session (SO RARE)

low: I hate when he cries. Or pouts. It makes me cry. A lot. A lot a lot.

high: I had 2 margaritas on Saturday! Then took a nap. GLORY GLORY.


low: My parents leave in less than a week and I’m still not convinced I can do this whole baby thing without their help. Tyler and I have a loose plan on how we will tackle things once they leave, but I’m still scared.

high: I’m back to walking the puppies again! I try to shoot for about 2 miles a day with them.

photo 2-50

low: I miss sleep. So hard. I haven’t got more than a 4 hour stretch and that’s with my parents here helping out. It probably doesn’t help that I have a monitor RIGHT in front of my face at night and I am 1-800-paranoid that I have to keep an eye on him at.all.times. The other morning, my mom heard Wes had the hiccups and went to check on him. I didn’t even hear it and I had the sound on the monitor! I smell faulty parenting on my part.

high: Watching Tyler be a dad. He’s so good. Heart=melted.


low: I know this newborn phase won’t last forever, but I feel like such a bag lady hanging around the house in my undies and bathrobe all day (newborn= unpredictable schedule). At least I shower every day, but Tyler must be questioning my hygiene.


high: I’ve been eating pretty healthy! Gotta mostly thank my parents for that one- they’ve made mostly every trip to the grocery store over the past few weeks so there has always been fruits/veggies at my disposal. But then again, there has also been more candy, chips, foods that involve mayo….

low: A slight breastfeeding mishap that resulted in super lots of pain (on my part). A few phone calls/appointments later and I have an ointment that is a god send.


And to end this on a high note: RIBS FOR DINNER.