Winesday Wednesday 8/19/15

Hi friends, happy Wednesday!


Another quick drop-in this week to share what’s been on my cocktail menu as of late. Right now, my go to is pinot noir. Weird for the middle of summer, I know. But it’s the easiest to drink (excuse me, *sip*) when I have the baby, plus it pairs well with a lot of the meals we’ve been having. And ummm… my mom wanted it when we were at Costco. Can’t say no to that!

The best pinot noir we’ve had since she got here has been Kim Crawford. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but it was SO tasty and didn’t need to breathe at all once opened. (We wouldn’t wait for it that long anyways!)


From the website:

These grapes are from some of our favorite cool-climate vineyards on New Zealand’s South Island. We’ve used a wide variety of clones and rootstock, along with a mixture of soils and microclimates to ensure a balance of flavour profiles and exceptional quality.

This wine is enticingly aromatic showing notes of dark cherries and strawberries. Partially aged in French oak barrels for the alluring complexity of well integrated oak and fine silky tannins. Aged in a mixture of French oak barrels and tank for five months. Superb with herb-crusted lamb, mushroom risotto or all on its own.

We had another pinot noir with lunch out in Banff today as well which was tasty. I paired mine with salad and my mom ordered breakfast. Totally acceptable to drink wine with eggs and toast.


What are you drinking?

5 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday 8/19/15

  1. I’ve totally been into Pinot noir all of a sudden too! I’m always a cab sav girl but the Pinot is so much more drinkable to me now.

  2. I drank so much this week and didn’t take any pictures or remember what I drank! Lots of wine- red and white, champagne, radler with vodka, mojito, sparkling wine on the plane…

    I’ve heard good things about Kim Crawford- will have to try.

    Your mom knows how to start her day off right!

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