Weekend Recap


  • Stopped by another quilt shop in Calgary for my mom then headed to Chinook mall to wander around. My mom bought me a pair of really sweet pants. WINNING.
  • Wes got some goodies in the mail from his Oma (Tyler’s mom). The kid drools like a fountain so the extra bibs were great to get!
  • We all headed to Lowe’s and Bass Pro to get some stuff, but left empty handed. We had dinner at the food court before heading home.
  • It was the one year anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with Wes. And I thought I just had the stomach flu! Haha

photo 1-71


  • We drove to Drumheller and went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. (aka: DINOS!)
  • Stopped at Home Depot on the way home and managed to get exactly what we needed from our unsuccessful trip the day before. (A ceiling fan and some stuff for the smoker Tyler bought)
  • Ordered pizza for dinner and watched Fast and Furious 7. Holy shit what a terrible movie.

photo 2-68


  • Mom made maple muffins. YUM
  • Lots of boring chores were done around the house. YUCK
  • Tyler made another AMAZING dinner.

photo 3-51

In the 2 weeks my mom has been here, we’ve been able to check off quite a bit on the to do/to see list AND there has been a ton off hanging around the house time. I’m also still doing the 21 Day Fix workouts and will be incorporating a couple of spin classes in the next couple of weeks before leaving for NY. I might do a recap of the workouts since a few people expressed interest- my thoughts on this and the EXTREME program are a bit scattered so hopefully I’ll be able to get it out in a somewhat cohesive post.

Ok, I’m tired. Tell me something random in the comments!

(PS: sorry for not responding to any comments on previous posts. I read them, I promise! Just haven’t found the time or energy to respond. Lame excuse, I know.)