Weekend Recap


It was REALLY smoky out on Friday and my mom and I were getting serious cabin fever so we decided to hit up the mall (after I had a stack of my Friday protein pancakes, of course). We mostly just browsed around to waste time and get a decent amount of walking in. I don’t even remember what garbage we watched on TV that night…crazy life.


In typical Saturday fashion, we headed over to Home Depot and Costco. Wes found his voice in the checkout line at Costco and just about the entire store could hear him. He’s not cry-screaming or anything, just yelling so that he can hear himself. Thanks, Wes.

After I squeezed in my workout that afternoon, I decided to feel fancy and actually blow out my hair which I haven’t done in over a month. We decided to grab pizza for dinner and picked up an assortment of beers (per my mom’s request). I split 2 with my mom, but didn’t even finish the second. WHO AM I?!!!!

photo 1-73

photo 1-74

We rounded out the night with a few episodes of Narcos on Netflix (have you heard of it? It’s about Pablo Escobar. And it’s good!) and taking turns over the course of 2 hours to get Wes to sleep. <– That was my fault since I let him nap too long on my lap after his last feeding. Blah blah blah, whatever. He’s so cute and I just love to stare down at him and I guess I lost track of time.



Tyler watched Wes while my mom and I went to the drug store. Because that’s exiting. We took about an hour browsing each aisle (hey, I’ll milk it for all I can!) and came home with a bunch of crap. My most exciting purchase? Nursing pads. Someone slap me.

Tyler was gone for a good portion of the afternoon doing his fantasy football draft, so my mom and I took Wes for a long walk (side note: now avoiding my routes through the adjacent community since someone was just MURDERED there on Thursday. Eek). I also took the pups for a walk, did the laundry, and mowed our jungle of a backyard.


photo 2-71

I used my beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe except I swapped mini Reeses for chocolate chips. NOM NOM DELICIOUS.

That’s just about it. I have a hunch this coming weekend will be a lot more eventful, so that should be a more exciting post to read!

Oh, and this kid…

photo 2-70

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