Winesday Wednesday 8/26/15

Happy Winesday Wednesday, friends!


This week has been a bit rough- Wes has been a tad more fussy than usual, the smoke from the Washington fires has kept un indoors and my mom busted her glasses. So that’s fun. It’s a good thing there’s wine.

And it’s still pinot noir for me. So delicious. My mom actually picked up a couple bottles of Mark West which she said is her staple ‘bring over to other people’s houses’ wine. Good choice, ma!

photo 1-72

From the website: A pleasing mix of black cherry, cola, strawberry, plum, and soft tannins. PAIRS PERFECTLY WITH: Juicy cheeseburger, grilled salmon,or Thanksgiving with all of the fixings.

In my opinion, I think it’s a great wine on its own! But now that I read the description which includes a cola taste, I can now pick it out and see why it would be a good pairing with a hamburger. Crap, now I want a hamburger.

photo 2-69

Now if only Wes would take a nap…..

What are you drinking this week?

6 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday 8/26/15

  1. My favorite chardonnay was on sale at Whole Foods for $14.99 last week so I picked it up as a nice bottle for my parent’s recent visit, even though, let’s face it- anything is “nice” compared to their Franzia Chardonnay Boxed wine…

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