Weekend Recap


Pancakes! Ah, I missed my Vitamix so much. The bad boys were drenched in maple syrup and I just about licked the plate.

photo 1-107

The morning was pretty low key: workout, errands, cleaning…. booooooring. But this guy finally fit into a pair or harem pants my mom made. Is he going to be a blondie? From his eyebrows it looks like it!

photo 2-103

After Tyler got home from work, we made a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Costco and managed to get out of there under $100. I don’t think that’s ever happened. Still: a turkey, chicken, and some veggies= $98. Jeeze.

Wes has been really loving his solid foods. I picked up a few more organic squeeze packs for him and we’ve yet to come across a flavour he doesn’t like. The kid kicks his feet and grunts if you don’t feed him fast enough. Don’t worry, I didn’t let him have any wine- although, he was pretty keen on grabbing the glass!

photo 1-108

We’ve been practicing our tummy time and rolling a lot this week and he FINALLY did a completely unassisted flip from back to front (TWO of them!). To the non-parents, this is no biggie, but I assure you it’s the most exciting thing since sliced bread.

The pups were itching for a walk, so I caved and took them for a quick one around the block. The sunset was INSANE.

photo 2-104

And that picture is facing east! 

Wes fell asleep at 7:30 and we watched Spy before heading to bed. Tyler and I agreed it was probably the funniest movie we’ve seen in a long time.



Wes didn’t get up until 7! That’s a lot of sleep. Good boy.

Only difficult part is that it’s still dark as hell out until around 7:30, so it still feels like the middle of the night.

We enjoyed a nice long morning before it was time to head to Wes’s first pool class at the Y! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about it- mostly for the whole locker room part. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage with a baby who can’t yet sit up on his own. Luckily, it went pretty smooth and the boy loved the water. He was kicking and splashing a lot, just not smiling or giggling. He was mostly interesting in staring at everyone.

photo 1-109

After his class, we ran to Rona where we left with nothing but Girl Guide cookies. These are the BEST cookies.

photo 2-105

Then it was to Safeway for Thanksgiving fixings and Babies R Us for Wes’s convertible carseat. We got it for a pretty sweet deal. It regularly retails for $350, was on sale for $250, and we had $200 worth of Air Miles vouchers to redeem. Ended up paying only $60! Score.

Some fuel for all the shopping:

photo 3-77

Then it was back to a few more stores for the essentials.

photo 4-50

Does anyone get emails from Lucie’s List? I absolutely love them- they’re so helpful with Wes’s growing stages. Anyhoo- the latest email was about solid food and there was a lot of info on rice cereal vs oatmeal for babies and I was really glad to have read it (something about glucose yadda yadda in the rice. It made me *personal decision* run out and grab some oat cereal to swap out for the rice I had been giving Wes). And beer. Muy importante.

The evening was pretty good- we played around with Wes for a long time. The kid is seriously so fun to hang out with now– he rolls and giggles and well, it’s just the best. We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner, gave Wes a bath, watched Amazing Race, and I made brownies for Sunday. Once Wes went to sleep (8pm) I headed downstairs to get in my cardio workout then we watched Southpaw.

photo 5-29


7am wakeup! Dare I say I’m getting used to this?

So, I think I was in denial that Wes is growing up because I’ve had him in the infant car seat in the stroller up until today. He napped while I took him for a walk and cried about him growing up.

photo 1-110

I have the Bob Revolution as well, but still have to take the adapter out of it from the previous owners. I really lucked out and found it on Kijiji for $150 and it came with the fleece liner, snack tray and weather shield! Can’t wait to use it for long walks instead of my City Mini GT (just to extend the life of it for future kiddos).

While we were out of the house, Tyler set up the smoker for our Thanksgiving turkey.

photo 2-106

Then he made me breakfast. #besthusband

photo 4-51

photo 3-78

The afternoon was pretty low key. Wes napped, I worked out, Tyler watched football. Blah blah.. Then there was the turkey dinner! It was pretty good..I ate more turkey than I have in years, but not so much of anything else. There were carrots too, so there’s a veggie. And those brownies? They’re almost history. It’s gross how much of a sweet tooth I get.

photo 1-111

photo 2-107

Once Wes went to sleep, I laid in the tub for a bit and was in bed by 8:30. (Asleep by 8:31).


5:30am wakeup. Thanks, Wes. He ate and slept for a bit longer (giving him about a 12 hour sleep!) but I couldn’t get any more shut eye. As hard as I tried. Gave myself a big pat on the back for falling asleep so early the night before!

I think one of my favorite things about this baby is how he can look so peaceful in his sleep and simultaneously fart louder than a vacuum.

photo 1-112

photo 2-108

photo 3-79

After breakfast, we went for a nice long walk then came back for more lounging. There were some naps- and it wasn’t just by Wes. I don’t think I’ve napped in ages and it felt glorious! Post nap, I finished the brownies. You know, to get rid of temptation.


I roasted some sweet potatoes and zucchini to pair with leftover turkey for dinner then headed off to a spin class. It was a new to me instructor and I absolutely LOVED her class.


Any workout that can incorporate this song into the mix is a winner in my books:

PS: Remember how the beagle stole/ate a box of quest bars? Well, the last two have been recovered! And in vary precarious places, might I add. That means the pooch didn’t consume any of my $$$$ protein bars so I’m a happy lady.

How was your long weekend? 

What’s your favorite protein bar?

Take any group ex classes lately? What was it?!!

20 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I have a mad craving for eggs benny and this post did not help that at all. Sounds like a pretty great weekend. I need to look for that Rogue beer next time I’m at the liquor store.

  2. I’m a big fan of Quest bars. I need to pick up some more! I love the white chocolate raspberry but may be getting sick of them after one too many during marathon training.

    I haven’t been to a spin class in ages and am craving one!!! I also need to get back to Body Pump! Add it to the list!

    I’m so sad it’s dark so early/late. I hope the snow holds off for awhile since it’s hard to entertain a toddler when you are stuck inside!

  3. I love spin classes, I used to go to them all the time pre-Delainey. Must get back into that after this one. Wes is such a cutie for sure! I love his grin and the pups seem to be total superstars with him. I love that. I HATE how dark it is in the morning. I get to work at 715am and it’s pitch black! yuck.

  4. What pancake recipe do you use? A still loves squeeze packs, I never made any baby food so those were go to’s for us, so easy!
    Those cookies KILL me! I bought a box for the first time in years this year.
    Awesome score on the carseat!

  5. mmmmm smoked turkey?! I don’t think I’ve ever tried that, but now I really want to! What else do you guys smoke? (in the meat smoker, of course 😉 ) I think that’s one of the first pictures of Wes smiling that I’ve seen! What a handsome little dude.

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