Catching Up

Oh hey there! And a happy Monday to you! This will just be a quick, photo-heavy post to recount what we’ve been up to lately!

Monday: It was a holiday here, so we all hung out and stayed pretty low key. I enjoyed a glass of prosecco in the tub which ended up hitting me pretty hard. WHOOPS. Accidents happen, ya’ll.


Nothing too exciting- there was a workout and I walked the dogs and did some laundry.

Tuesday: It was so nice out, so I opted for a morning walk with Wes. After a floor breakfast of course.



We headed to the mall in the afternoon and I stupidly tried on a lululemon bathing suit and fell in love with it. Even though I have a gift card, the price tag was still too hefty so I left without it. Bummer!


We spent the remainder of our afternoon making a mess in Wes’s room. So that was fun.






Wes has always loved the doggies, but this week he has really taken to snuggling up with Layla. For the most part she’s tolerant of it, but sometime she will try to wiggle free. Then, Wes will either follow her for more snuggles or opt to hunt down Reggie.


Wednesday: We met up with friends at the zoo! It was great weather and both boys were pretty well behaved. Snack motivated, but behaved. It was great to catch up too since we hadn’t seen each other since the boys were born.







Mocs: Posh pandaLeggings: Little D Threads Shirt: Vagabond Babe

Wes fell asleep in the car on the way home. Grr. I count on nap time to get my workouts done! SO– I kept the car running in the driveway and cracked the windows and did my workout in the driveway. He woke up just as I was finishing so it worked out (pun intended) perfectly.


And this kid- he is slaying me with his hilariousness..


By far one of my favorite pictures. He wasn’t grumpy, just had a mouth full of apple and cheese. Ahahaha I love it.

The rest of the afternoon we had a lot of playtime before I had to head off to work.


I also posted about a couple of delicious Calgary based craft breweries. Don’t forget to read about them here.

Thursday: We went to the Colossal Baby Play Date at the library and Wes had so much fun. There were tons of kids and lots of different things for them to play with. I love that the library puts on events like this and it’s free!






Most of the photos are just of him because I never know how other parents feel about me whipping out my camera. I do snap a lot more pics and videos though so make sure to follow me–>


I’m guessing the rest of the day was a bust because I don’t have any photos. Eep.

The recipe for Double Chocolate Granola Bars was posted and you need to make them if you haven’t already. They’re SO good.

Friday: This guy is now a blankie man. He’s always reaching for his Aden & Anais blankets (he knows the difference if I try to get him any other blankie. Crazy kiddo!) IMG_6481



I headed over to Toolshed Brewery to try to taste some of their stout on tap, but it wasn’t available and we just went to Superstore instead to stock up on snacks. LOTS of snacks. Like, 5x more than what’s in the picture.


–>Just a reminder, you can get 15% off your order of Love Child Organics snacks on if you use the code LCOMOM13<-

I did my last workout for 22 Minute Hard Corps (FINALLY) and will be posting about that this week, stay tuned 🙂

I had to work that night and it ended up being a pretty busy shift. Thank goodness too- busy shifts make the time fly by!


Saturday: I’m really starting to like our weekend morning snuggles. I’ll usually bring Wes into our room to hang out on the bed for a few minutes before breakfast and the dogs join us and it’s just too cute.


We walked over to the library for his Baby Bookworm class then continued on to Starbucks because I needed a gallon of coffee.




We headed back home to hang out and listen to music.


In the afternoon, Wes and I headed over to Craft Cellars to try some exclusive beers on tap and ended up running into my friend Leslie and her husband. (She bought all the Toolshed Gose and I’m very jealous!) We left with a couple of new to us beers though, so it worked out.


Then we made attempt #2 at Toolshed and were successfully able to get the stout! I had a pint and hung out with Becky and Ange who were also there before I had to quickly head home to drop off Wes before work.



We had a nice little selection of Canadian Craft beer to enjoy once I was done with work (patting myself on the back for this haul). Tyler and I were able to watch Dirty Grandpa and a few minutes of the second season of Bloodline before falling asleep.


Sunday: More puppy snuggles and hanging out on mom & dad’s bed.



We must’ve spent a mini fortune at Costco restocking on meat and produce. So worth it.


The rest of the day was pretty low key. No pictures. Womp.

Here’s to another week and hoping lots of giggles and fun and workouts (and maybe beer?) comes from it!

12 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Mmmm I really really want peach beer since we’ve been talking about it. Sounds like a great week. It was good to see you on Saturday briefly. Too bad you had to work and couldn’t join in the rest of the festivities.

  2. You’ve been busy!! I want to go to the library play dates!! How do you learn about them? I also want to check out those breweries!

    • I picked up one of the library brochures on one of our visits and tried registering for the 6 weeks class and got waitlisted. They called me to add Wes and then she mentioned the colossal play date!

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