Baby Goes to the Bar {Banded Peak + Last Best Brewing}

Yes yes yes, Wes has had even more visits to bars and breweries. In case you missed last week’s review, you can check it out here.

We are so fortunate to live in a city where craft breweries are popping up left and right so it has been really neat to check them out and have Wes in tow!

A couple of weekends ago, Banded Peak Brewing Co. had their grand opening and I really wanted to go down and check out what they had to offer. On Saturday afternoon, Wes and I met up with Ange at the brewery, excited to see what was in store. Unfortunately, we weren’t greeted upon entry and didn’t even get really any sort of explanation on the beers they had on tap to offer.


We ordered two samples each (they only had two on tap. The Plainsbreaker which is a pale ale and the Summit Seeker which is an IPA) and grabbed a seat at one of the few tables they had opposite the ‘bar’.

I’m pretty open to trying beers that aren’t generally my taste, but I couldn’t really get into these. Part of me thinks it was because we were left feeling so awkward and out of place just sitting there. It was their grand opening! I wanted to hear about how they got started and their beers!


Wes was pretty darn well-behaved, but I think maybe having him with me made us less approachable? Probably. I would really like to go back and give them another go sans Wes and see if my opinion changes.

There were several people in there by the time we left, so I was glad to see word of mouth was spreading so well for their opening weekend.

Ugh, I hate saying less than stellar things about beer and breweries. I feel so bad. Gimme a cool story, guys! Don’t worry, I’ll be back.

We were out of there pretty quickly and headed over to Last Best Brewing & Distilling for another drink and some appies to share. We snagged a booth and both ordered a pint of the Hefeweizen right off the bat.


It is arguably the best Hefe I have ever had. A nice, easy drinker with notes of banana and clove. Noms, I want one right now.


I love the atmosphere in Last Best. The decor is really great, the staff is always nice to talk to, and the food is pretty on point. Especially when it accompanies their beer 😉 For appies (they were 2 for 1. PEOPLE: TWO APPS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. This is a no brainer.) we chose the Bread & Spread and Chilaquiles. They were both so freaking tasty, I could have eaten it all by myself.


I had been here once before just to have a quick drink, but still need to actually have a sit down meal. Their menu looks so delicious and I would just love the opportunity to sit and enjoy all the food/drink my body could handle. And not have to tackle a squirmy toddler at the same time.

I’d say it was a pretty good day of beer, plus it got me and Wes out of the house for a good chunk of the day!


9 thoughts on “Baby Goes to the Bar {Banded Peak + Last Best Brewing}

  1. Too bad about Banded Peak. I still want to try it out some day and hopefully it’s a better experience.

    Ange made us order all of those things on Saturday and I blame it all sitting like a lump in my stomach all night making me not sleep and feel so terrible Sunday. I do love Last Best though. I want to take their tour. Ya know, on the big tour that we’ll organize soon.

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