Catching Up

Oh hey there! And a happy Monday to you! This will just be a quick, photo-heavy post to recount what we’ve been up to lately! Monday: It was a holiday here, so we all hung out and stayed pretty low … Continue reading

Double Chocolate Granola Bars

You guys….I have no idea how these granola bars have made it this long before coming into my life. SERIOUSLY. They are so freaking tasty and easy to make, it’s ridiculous. Even better? They’re not so terribly bad for you … Continue reading

Baby Goes to the Bar {Wild Rose + Dandy Brewing}

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Dual Shaker + John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

Happy May Long, my Canadian friends! No recap (yet) of our past week, but just wanted to check in to share some goodies you might be interested in–> they’re totally unrelated items, but both still really good! 

  1. Recently, I was sent this Dual Shaker to review. I had never heard of the company or the product before, so I was interested to see what really made this shaker so different from the rest of them in the market.


I gotta say, I absolutely love its design. The cup and lid are so sturdy that I’d never have to worry about it spilling! Another awesome feature is that there is a 4 compartment pill box built into the lid AND the cup is split in two (hence DUAL shaker) so that you can put your powder supplement in one side and your liquid in the other.

Such a great idea for anyone who is on the go and wants a hassle free container to not only hold their supplements individually, but to also drink from it. I would have loved to have had this while I was still working because of it’s convenience- rather than carrying my ingredients individually. It can be such a pain in the butt!

I highly recommend this shaker to anyone who uses supplements. (they come in several other colors, too). Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page  (they recently posted a video that proves you can drop it and it wont leak or break!), follow them on Instagram or Twitter 

2. A while back, I completed a survey for Influenster and answered one of the questions saying I was a brunette. Because, I mean….technically I am. And since Wes was born, It’s been more of a grown out/ombre. (Limited funds + limited time make salon appointment few and far between. Ack!)

Anyhoo, I qualified for one of their campaigns which just so happened to be for the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette  line.

IMG_4471 from Jen Linton on Vimeo.

The package contained the Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment which is described as lightening your hair shade in just one wash. For natural or color-treated hair and for use on highlights and lowlights.

It was a quick five minutes in the shower (but totally stung my fingers!) and then I proceeded to shampoo and condition my hair with products from the same line.

The verdict? Yeah, my roots (err…..7+ inches of brunette grow-out) were a bit lighter. But it didn’t really feel like it was a dye. Upon closer inspection in the mirror, it appeared to have an almost glitter-sheen to my hair which helped it appear lighter.

That was my initial reaction to the product, but now about 7 or so weeks later, I can see that it did in fact lighten my hair because my growth since then is a bit darker and duller. So-it did as promised!

I’ve since been using the shampoo and conditioner sporadically and really love the feel and shine it gives to my hair.

Would I purchase it again? Yeah, maybe if I was full on brunette. But for now, I’ll stick to my other color-treated hair care products since my hair has lots of blonde. And may have more blonde in it this summer!

Disclaimer: I received both of these products for free in exchange for my honest review.