Beer Events- Calgary {Social Club + Yoga!}

Last week I was able to participate in a couple of really awesome beer events. I am loving that this whole craft beer culture is really making a name for itself rather than just people associating beer with getting drunk. BECAUSE IT’S MORE THAN THAT PEOPLE!

I admit, I do purchase a lot of beer but I actually don’t drink a whole ton of it. I really love trying new things (and of course I have my trusty favorites) but I’m a 2-3 drink MAX girl these days. Mama needs her beauty sleep especially with toddler induced wake-ups. One cannot function at 7:30am after a night of overindulging. I’ve tried it. And I wanted to die.

Getting back to the topic for the day…BEER EVENTS!

On Wednesday, I headed over to Last Best (remember I wrote about them last week? You can read it here) to attend Social Club. It’s the first Wednesday of every month and each month they cover a different topic. For $10 you get 3 12oz sleeves of beer and get to listen to the makers of each talk about what exactly went into it.


It’s an extremely informal get together and I made the mistake of going alone! I thought the discussion aspect of it would make it more of an informative event, but it turned out to be a lot of small groups of friends who just hung out like it was a regular old Wednesday. Except with a great deal on some beers 🙂


I still enjoyed listening to the introduction of each of the three wheat beers we tasted….and I enjoyed each of the three wheat beers. Imagine that.

Next time, I’ll remember to gather a group of friends to attend. But if they’re all busy, I guess it couldn’t hurt to go alone again. I mean….beer!

The next evening, I drove down to Big Rock Brewery for Brewga! (Beer + Yoga). I had never done this before and was really excited to finally make time to get down there and check it out! For $15 you get to take a 45 minute yoga class held inside the brewery then head over to the tasting room and enjoy either a 20 oz pint or 5 4oz sampler.


The most pleasant surprise was the band who performed live music throughout the class! It made for a pretty chill experience. It was much more informal than a class you’d normally take where you’re not allowed to talk, yada yada yada, but what else would you expect when you’re there to drink beer afterwards?! I had to steal this photo the instructor took to share with you:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.46.51 PM

And a much less cooler photo that I took:


How cool is that? It was a perfect way to unwind for a bit. Then of course came the beer! I opted for a sample tray- I have already tasted every beer they sell and couldn’t decide on ONE for a pint, so the tray was a better option.


Prior to yoga, we were each given a card to fill out with our preferences so that they’d all be ready and waiting for us! Genius.


A few friends also attended so we sat at chatted for a while before it was time to get home. And of course I had to make a couple of purchases prior to leaving because what kind of wife would I be if I went to a brewery and came back empty handed?!


Both the Social Club and Brewga are recurring events, so I encourage anyone interested to check out their websites for the next one! 

6 thoughts on “Beer Events- Calgary {Social Club + Yoga!}

  1. Love it! I’ve been to the beer/yoga events they have down here in Dallas…really not a huge beer person though but still!! I love the concept! We just need a wine/yoga event now…more up my alley! 😉

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