Photo Dump

I am so terrible at keeping up to date on this here blog lately. To be honest, I started to skip over a lot of blog posts that do recaps, so why write a recap if I don’t even like to read them. Right? But for the sake of being able to look back on this down the road, here’s some stuff->


Weather permitting, we NEED to get out of the house every morning and go for a walk. Lately, we have been wandering our neighborhood and several surrounding neighborhoods and checking out every playground.


Lots of library trips to break up the monotony of outdoor walks.


Somebody hasn’t been too fond of the high chair lately, so most dining is done on the living room floor.


And his hair is FINALLY long enough to play around with it!


Shorties from twolittlebeans&co ^


Tyler and I have been trying LOTS of local/new beers lately. While it’s been a bit killer on the wallet, it has been a mostly delicious adventure! Plus, since we never go out to eat or have date nights, our splurge on craft beer makes for fun impromptu nights in together. PS: This beer is DIVINE.


There are really so many playgrounds within walking distance of our house.


And hanging out in the backyard.


…even when it’s too cold out and we end up throwing Tyler’s shirt on him. PPS: This photo was taken approx .2 seconds before it started hailing. We went inside just in time. PHEW.


I indulged in some more beer. Because: beer.


PEOPLE OF CALGARY: Go to Tool Shed Brewing Company for their tour and beer. You won’t regret it.


Wes had his first trip to Lake Louise! He opted to do LOTS of walking amidst the loads of tourists who were there.



Still loving on my Shakeology and Beachbody workouts. There are SO many that are on sale this month, so it’s a great time to take advantage! (Message me if you wanna know more!!)


This boy and this dog. I can’t get enough.


There’s about a billionty more things that have been going on lately that I could totally write about. BUT, for the sake of not getting myself stuck in front of this computer….I won’t. HA

How’ve you been lately? Tell me what’s up!

4 thoughts on “Photo Dump

  1. Looks like fun!!
    I feel blogging isn’t what it used to be anymore! Comments are a thing of the past it seems – or maybe it’s just my blog! But I know I don’t comment as often on blogs I follow either! But I’m still blogging for me!! Lol

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