Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Bites

Man oh man do I love my desserts. My day isn’t complete without something sweet in my diet! Seriously, I don’t know how people cut out sweets. To me, life is worth living so have the damn dessert!

I sorta overindulged a couple of weeks ago with the Frost Cake so when I got back into the kitchen to whip up something myself, I decided I should make something bite sized. Not only is it fun to have something in miniature, but I am less likely to overdo it! (Because let’s be honest, you totally move the knife over a bit when cutting a piece of cake. Amiright?!!)

That’s when I decided on making a batch of Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Bites. The recipe is SUPER simple plus they look so cute! I based my recipe from here but them opted to cut them into small, handheld portions.


Ok seriously, how freaking cute are these? And you can opt to use white chocolate and/or sprinkles to match any color scheme!


I think my favorite thing about these are that they are so incredibly easy to make, yet people will think they’re such a cute dessert. Oh, and my other favorite thing is that they’re bite sized. Because miniature anything is pretty darn adorable. I.e.: babies, puppies, cars, the list goes on…


Even Wes had some fun with them! Granted, only about half a bit of the Krispies actually made it into his mouth. (mom win??)


I gotta say, bite sized desserts are my jam. I have a few in my recipe rolodex that I like to bust out for special occasions- they’re cuter AND easier to serve for a crowd. It’s even becoming a trend..I mean, tell me you haven’t tried a cake pop from Starbucks? They’re too cute to pass up!



Now when it comes to actually making a batch of bite-sized treats, it’s all about the rationing. Right? Like, I should only have about X number of them a day.

HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. I eat however many I want.



If Rice Krispies aren’t your cup of tea, you should try my other FAVORITE bite-sized dessert: OREO TRUFFLES.

HOLD ON: Now I’m adding Oreos and cream cheese to my grocery list so I can make those next. For reals.

So now I wanna know–> What’s your favorite bite-sized dessert??

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