Oh Hey

Not sure if anyone caught it from my last post, but….we moved last week!

It’s been a lot of hard work (mostly on Tyler’s part) and stress, but we are now settled into a beautiful and huge new home in a small town north of Calgary. I am so excited to start furnishing this place that we will quickly make a home and I can already tell you I feel so comfortable here. Yay!

We lucked out and sold our house only 2 days after listing and found this new place in just as much time. Talk about the stars aligning.

This is by far an amazing little community and I have already indulged in entirely too many walks along the pathways- not only to explore, but because we are still in the process of having our fence built, so the dogs need to be walked like infinity times.

We got rid of most of our existing furniture, so we are somewhat glamping it, but hot diggity dang is it still the best. AND THE LIGHT! Holy Moses is the light ever great in here or what.

Ok, I’ll move on to the pictures. Wes has equally loved the new house because it is so much to explore. I love watching him marvel in all the newness. Sorry if I’m scatterbrained- there really is no cohesiveness to this post, but I wanted to share some stuff!


New backyard ^









Oxfords from VI&JAX ^


Peanut Butter Banana Slow Cooked Oats ^










I made a batch of Cookies & Cream S’mores Bars that are out of this world delicious. I’ve been making my way through the pan all week. Nom nom nom.




Knit toque and cabin booties from Will & Co ^






We got another delivery of Love Child Organics snacks and Wes went nuts playing with them. He’s a sucker for organizing everything. Then eating everything. I can’t tell you enough how much of a savior these snacks have been- not only are they healthy, but they are tasty options to get some decent nutrition in my kiddo’s belly while we are on the go. Pro tip: They’re also great emergency food stashes for when Tyler is solo parenting while I’m at work 😉

Good news! Use code LCOMOM13 and get 15% off your order of Love Child Organics products on Amazon.ca. The code is good for one time only and valid until Dec 31.



Baseball tee from Vagabond Babe & Moccs from Posh.Panda ^





So the last couple of weeks have secretly been filled with packing, unpacking, furniture buying, organizing, exploring, and appreciating all that we have with our new family home.

11 thoughts on “Oh Hey

  1. Congratulations on the new house! That is so exciting. We are in the progress of buying a new house too, and I CAN NOT wait. Well I’m sure not looking forward to packing and unpacking but it’ll be so nice once we’re settled in the new house.
    I love Wes’ vest too – So cute!

  2. So weird that you just picked up and moved to a different town without mentioning it anywhere. Glad you’re liking it. I’m with Lindsey, are you in Airdrie now? Closer to come visit if so…. 😉

  3. Wow. I had my suspicions based on your IG posts, but I wasn’t sure until now. I don’t know how or why you didn’t share any of this along the way??! Not that you have to of course, just surprised it didn’t make it into any previous blogs posts or snapchats 🙂 Good luck in your new city.

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