inFlight Fitness

Man, this couldn’t have come at a better time. My workouts were starting to feel stale and I haven’t used any of my class passes to hot yoga in AGES. Insert: inFlight Fitness


The blog squad was invited to take a private class by owner, Alison. We were to do an AntiGravity class using hammocks (that are strong- they promised!). What is AntiGravity?—> AntiGravity® Fitness is a unique hybrid of aerial arts and yoga. It is a low-impact cardiovascular workout that simultaneously decompresses and strengthens your musculoskeletal system. This popular fitness technique combines gymnastics, dance, pilates, calisthenics and yoga to increase your overall health and physical agility. 


(Me, Ange, Brie, Leigh, Alison, Nicole, Leslie)

Prior to the class, I had a vague idea of what we were in for- I was thinking a combination of Cirque de Soleil and Pink’s old concert performances. Obviously it was going to be scaled down A LOT, but it sounded like a lot of fun!






We were instructed to wear shirts with sleeves and grippy socks given the nature of the moves in the class.

Right off the bat, I honed in that the class was going to be similar to yoga in that it would be redirected blood flow throughout my body and opening my hips and other joints. SCORE. We just moved and I’ve been achy lately, so this was a huge bonus.






We did some really fun moves, and I wouldn’t say any were scary or hard, but there was one move that I couldn’t get into the advanced pose because my hips were just too tight. I’d love to go a few more times to see how much more I could get my hips to open!





And a lot of the inversions were crazy feeling. We held some of those for a couple of minutes, so I could start to feel my heartbeat in my face. Alison promised that after a few classes, that sensation goes away. Still odd. I’m really glad I didn’t have too much coffee or food prior!



I really loved how the entire practice opened up my body- at times it was similar to foam rolling…pain that hurts so good!- and I left feeling exactly how Alison said we would: happier and up to an inch taller. In addition to the fun poses, my favorite was laying cocooned the hammock at the end. The gentle sway and being completely embraced by the soft material was just the most calming and comforting feeling.



If you’re ever interested in checking them out, there are several purchasing options. They range from drop-ins to multiple class passes, monthly, etc..I know I will definitely try to make it back there a couple more times when I really want to break up my regular fitness regimen.

Thanks to inFlight Fitness for hosting and thanks to Ange for organizing!


11 thoughts on “inFlight Fitness

  1. A great read and good insight I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical about this but more and more people are telling me how good is.
    Anyway I think you’ve sold me on booking a class.

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