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Hi friends and happy start to the week to you! I am taking a deep breath this morning since it’s the first full week I’ll have without some of the stress and pressures I’ve put on myself lately. PHEW! Monday: … Continue reading

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I didn’t mean to be absent from this little space for so long, but hot dang is it ever easy to get swept up in the holidays and before you know it…BOOM, it’s time to take down the tree. I honestly can’t … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Dump

Hi friends, I’m here! Whoa, I feel like I have so much to share and I have no idea where to start. SO- let’s purge a ton of photos from the past week and see where that gets me, ok? Mmmk..


Rewinding back to Monday: I made a batch of homemade au gratin potatoes to go with honey garlic chicken and steamed asparagus for dinner. It was an easy meal to put together before heading off to work for the evening WHICH was super slow, but I opted to stay longer and wound up making a tiny bit of $$. Yay!

I also finally got my first pair of Lularoe leggings in the mail from my mom. I was able to snag a pair for her and myself while I was home last month and had them delivered to her house in NY. The verdict: YEAH, they’re buttery soft and come in tons of super fun prints but I gotta admit I love me some compression leggings. You know, to suck it all in. These are one size leggings so they give a ton and make me feel wiggly jiggly when I walk. I’d still buy more though because they’re cute.


Tuesday: Wes had his 18 month shots in the morning, so I dressed him in his Superhero pants to be strong 😉 Turns out he didn’t even cry during the shots and didn’t want a bandaid either! I have a big, strong boy. I say big because he weighs 28 lbs and measures 33.5″ tall. His charts show he’s between the 90th-100th percentile for all his measurements.


[Toque: Will&Co; Maxaloons: Munchkin & Sprout Creations; Oxfords: VI&JAX]


I took Wes to the bookstore afterwards for a couple of books as a reward for doing so well at his appointment and he had way too much fun checking out all the books and toys. It was really hard to get him out of there but we did manage to find 2 good books.



Oh, and it was election day. I don’t even want to comment about it. PS: This hat is a JOKE people. I tried to stay up at late as I could to see the results, but only made it until 12:30…Good thing I didn’t waste any more precious sleep time to see the outcome. grr


Wednesday: I used to eat my smoothie bowls before Wes would get up, but now that I know he loves them so much, I wait. Because: baby chocolate smoothie mouth is adorable. DANGEROUS TO NEW FURNITURE. But adorable.


And the kid is absolutely obsessed with his pups.




[Beanie: CharleeDee; Moccs: Posh Panda]

We met up with a new neighbour friend for a coffee date and Wes managed to last 2 hours at Starbucks! I really did luck out with such a good kid. We headed to the library after for some kid-friendly time.


Burgers for dinner, which of course everyone loves. PS: I ate a burger THEN went to a Hot Barre class. #machine.


Thursday: Nothing too exciting. Gym and grocery shopping. At least my kid looked cute. PLUS- he’s really starting to love his time at childcare while I’m working out. It makes me so happy to see he’s socializing while I can get a little bit of me time.


[Joggers: Little D Threads]



Free grocery store cookies are the best!


We made a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies when we got home and I ate them in a bubble bath while Wes napped. So obviously Thursday was rough. I started watching The Crown on Netflix and I like it so far.

Here’s a secret: I took a bath every single day last week. Do you have any idea how much of a sanity saver it is? Granted there are a TON of things I could/should be doing around the house, but I am relishing the quiet time and pampering myself. Also, it’s a great way to warm up with I get that chilled-to-the-bone feeling.


We got a Nespresso machine recently, so I’ve been enjoying baths WITH a delicious fancy cup of coffee everyday. I swear these have impacted my mood for the better.


Tyler came home with an assortment of new beers to try, so my evening was just as rough. I mean, I married the right guy (for me). I bake, he buys beer. win win win win win.


Friday: Since Tyler had the day off, we ran a bunch of errands. AKA: Lowe’s, the mall, Costco. Super exciting.



[Romper: Archer and Antlers]


And Canadian Tire so Tyler could pick up some different Xmas lights for the exterior of the house. Wes fell in love with a wreath and wore it around his neck throughout the store.


Exceedingly good weather calls for taking advantage of mid-November park trips. He’s starting to really love the slide, but there were some older kids there that did NOT know how to share so it made it difficult to enjoy.




I picked up another assortment of beers to try while Tyler cooked us a steak dinner. NOMS.


Saturday: Morning lounging and snacking before I headed to work. I was only there for about 90 minutes which sucked because I wanted to make some money, BUT, it was nice because I got more of the day to hang out with my guys.


[Cabin booties: Will&Co]


Sunday: I had to work again. BOO. But at least I got to spend some QT with my main man while I got ready. After work, I did a quick workout in our basement (Wes participated in squats and jumps and supervised the rest) then we headed over to friends (cough cough and NEIGHBORS) house for pizza.

I’m getting back into teaching group fitness and have an interview this week (interview by means of teaching a class) so I spent a majority of the evening practicing and planning the format. I’m really excited to get back into it but also a bit nervous since I have to re-certify here in Canada and I HATE taking exams. The theory and practical aren’t until next month and I’m sure I’ll do fine, but still. ANXIOUS.


[Cosmetic bag: Wild Roots & Co]

Ah crap, I think I left out like a billionty things. Note to self: jot down notes of things I want to share.

Latest Faves

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday:) I have been so crazed lately with our trip, work, and everything with the new house that I seem to have neglected my little internet space a bit. I have made sure to make super quick check-ins with my weekly photo dumps and beer talk, but that’s about it.

SO, today I want to share with you some cool stuff. Jumping right in…



A couple of months ago I got in touch with Jordana who just launched her small shop WildRootsandCo. She’s based out of Calgary (yay local!) and when I got to snooping through her Instagram account, I quickly got hooked on her handmade cosmetic bags.

We got to chatting, and once her shop launched in September, I was able to get my hands on the starburst print bag!


Ok, that’s a lie. Wes got his hands on it first. Then proceeded to pack/unpack all of my makeup into it.


I absolutely love the color and that it’s not super stiff so that I can smoosh it into my luggage while traveling (and smoosh it I did on this most recent trip!) Best part? It’s easily washable. No wait, best part? It’s made locally. Yep- I love to support local whenever I can.


A bit about Jordana-

  • She’s a mom to 3 girls
  • She teaches the 2nd grade
  • She has a BFA in technical design aka: sewing
  • She has a super supportive hubby and opened the shop to show her girls they can go after anything they want in life
  • She wants WildRootsandCo to represent her… a mom, wife, woman and life learner!

Since launching her shop on Etsy, Jordana has expanded her product line to incorporate loop scarves, slouchy beanies, paci clips, burp cloths, and the list goes on…

Be sure to also check out her Instagram page for products and upcoming markets!


I also came across another small shop while at the Airdrie Farmers Market a while back: Munckin & Sprout Creations. Corrie makes some of the most adorable maxaloons (and other kids clothing). I had never heard on maxaloons before, but they’re basically pants that have extended cuffs and waistband so that as the child grows, you can gradually unroll the material and they still fit! Great idea for my little sprout 😉

The fabric is so soft and she does custom orders so I quickly got three pair. Can you guess which fabric Tyler chose?




Yep, he chose the Avengers.



I’ve washed them quite a few times already and they’re still super soft and stretchy. There’s only one trick with these pants though- being able to properly roll the cuffs and waistband when you’ve got a squirmy toddler on your hands!

Be sure to check out Corrie’s Facebook page (where you can contact her to place an order and see her upcoming markets) and check out her Instagram page as well!


Alright, last up: Kismet Essentials Coco Rinse. I don’t know if you follow me on social media (you don’t?! Shame on you! Here’s some links–> twitter, instagram, snapchat: nutcaseinpoint) but a while back, I posted some photos and videos of this stuff. And I loved it.

What is Coco Rinse? It’s cool, that’s what it is.

All joking aside, it’s an oil-pulling kit which uses DME, virgin, organic coconut oil (that’s also certified fair trade!). Apparently this method is an ancient dental procedure that has been used to pull toxins from the body. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of years ago, but never thought to try it myself.

Some of the benefits include: fresher breath, reduced plaque, whiter teeth, smoother skin, better digestion.


The kit is pretty easy to use: empty one packet into you mouth and swish the contents around for 10-20 minutes. Then you spit it out and brush your teeth as normal.

I made it a point to do this every morning while I got my coffee ready, prepped breakfast and mentally prepared for the day ahead (before getting Wes from his crib). After doing this for 14 days, I did notice that my breath was minty fresh- thanks to the mint flavor of the coconut oil- and my teeth felt as clean as if I just went to the dentist. You know, the best feeling ever.


Oh hey, look at that empty box. I was so excited to use the kit, that I forgot to save any photos. Whoops.

Interested in trying Kismet Essentials Coco Rinse for yourself? Check out their site here to order. The company is based out of Vancouver, BC BUT they ship worldwide!

Also, don’t forget to visit their Instagram page and follow them on Twitter 🙂


So that’s it from this end… A big thanks to Jordana, Corrie, & Kismet for their wonderful products!

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Not sure if anyone caught it from my last post, but….we moved last week! It’s been a lot of hard work (mostly on Tyler’s part) and stress, but we are now settled into a beautiful and huge new home in … Continue reading