Week In Photos

My mind is a complete blur from this past week and I have no idea how I’m going to get through THIS week. Woof. There is so much going on and I’ve been in my car non stop heading from this place to that and staying up way past my bed time and just being 110% disorganized and it needs to stop NOW. So let’s recap…


I finally perfected a basic homemade granola recipe! I’ve had several failed attempts and this one takes the cake. Perhaps one day I’ll share 😉


This kiddo is my fashion-forward sidekick. I ordered 3 more of his slouchy beanie in different patterns but they arrived this week and were WAY too small. She doesn’t have any in his size and I am bummed to not be able to use them.



I think his first official word is ‘cheese!’


And airplanes are pretty dang cool, too.


The kid is an absolute stunner at his childcare while I work out. (review of Oranj Fitness here)

Tuesday night I headed into Calgary as I was invited to attend a VID (Very Important Dinner) event at a couple of new restaurants in Marlborough Mall. Our first stop was at Brown’s Socialhouse which had a really cool casual bar/dining vibe that is child friendly. WINNING. They have a pretty broad menu and we were able to taste several different appies….and cocktails… YUM. (ok, I only had one).

Verdict? I would go back if I were in the area because it’s kid friendly and the house made margarita was the bomb dot com.

Our second stop was at The Old Spaghetti Factory. The place is super huge and has a grand old Italian feel that is perfect for both large gatherings and more intimate dinners.

We were treated to bread, starter soups, mozzarella triangles, entrees, dessert and coffee. AND WINE. The entrees are inclusive (soup/salad, dessert, coffee/tea) and the restaurant prides itself on offering exceptional value. Our meals + wine only came to $56! (I know, $56  can’t even get you a tank of GAS). Not bad. Not bad. The service was on point too. Super important to point that out since I also work in the industry and really appreciate people who project their positive demeanor to customers.

Verdict? I would definitely go back. The wine was a generous pour and I was full for a week afterwards.


I took this photo from the back porch on Wednesday morning…it’s so pretty!


After the gym, we headed to Market Mall to meet Santa (I made reservations) and I found the photographer this year to be pretty darn rude. She gave Wes approximately 4 seconds to sit on Santa’s lap and wouldn’t let me calm him down for the opportunity to take another photo. It’s not like it’s hard to do— the images are all digital until we pick which we want! I still bought one, but we will try other malls over the next month..


I tried to brighten his spirits with a chocolate chip cookie dough cake pop, but…I ate half of it.


Thursday: THANKSGIVING! I was really excited to make the turkey dinner and have friends over, but this little dude woke up in a FUNK. He was covered in doodoo in his crib when he woke up, then promptly fell asleep in my arms AS I was taking him out of the tub. He was very lethargic and I took him to the doctor who gave him a gastro diagnosis. Thanksgiving had to be cancelled since she advised he shouldn’t be around other kiddos. Bummer!

I gotta admit though, I loved the extra snuggles.


Tyler prepped the meal for us anyway and I had no problem cleaning that plate.


Friday we stayed in our jammies all day and I had my first shift at my new job! (So now I have two part time jobs.)


Wes was feeling better by Saturday morning and attempted to eat bites out of every apple I had on the table. His cheese face totally gets me.


I made the long trek down to Calgary to hit up little modern market and spent more money than my wallet had on some awesome locally made goodies!


Perks of new job: advanced availability to this limited release Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout. IT.IS.SO.GOOD. There were only 800 bottles of it and most sold out on the first day!


Tyler and I shared it while I scarfed down his homemade chicken parm then headed out to work for the night.


Insert heart-eye emojis here. Lots of them.


Sunday morning was rough. I didn’t get home from work until 2am and had to be at my other job by 11:30am.

Pro tip (pardon the pun): Tip your waitress/waiter! Holy cannoli some people…




Wes seems to be back to his regular (again, pardon the pun) self after having gastro, but we still stayed home so the three of us could actually spend some time together. Plus, I needed to study. UGH STUDYING IS THE WORST.

PS: Aren’t these snack bags the cutest? I got them from wildrootsandco. If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with her shop and already have the cosmetic bag, twinning loop scarves AND the buffalo plaid toque for Wes (see above).


I couldn’t even finish the beer. 1-800-TRAGEDY.


2 thoughts on “Week In Photos

  1. Mmmmmmmm all that food looks so good. I really like Brown’s. Their eggs benny are what dreams are made of.
    I really really really want that beer and i’m very jealous of your new gig.

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