Weekly Photo Dump…a day late!

Man, what a week! In reality, it probably wasn’t all that bad, but I’m so hyped up with anxiety over my upcoming test, that every little thing on the agenda feels 1000x more inconvenient than it really is. It probably also doesn’t help that I had a sick kiddo for most of the week AND it has been super chilly AND I have been working like a DOG. But again, things could be worse.


Monday started off pretty chill with our twinning yogurt bowls. I love that Wes likes to eat everything I do (EVEN THE HEALTHY STUFF) because a.) it’s a million percent convenient and b.) it’s healthy! But then I think of all the cookies I bake and eat which Wes then also easts….#balance


Case in point: the above cookies. I used 4oz of leftover bourbon barrel aged stout and the taste was phenomenal. The texture was a bit lighter and bubblier than I would have preferred but I mean…it’s chocolate and beer. I will NOT complain.


Wes’s new past time: being an old man and hanging out on the porch for the mail to be delivered.

I kid, I kid. He usually just constantly checks the window by the front door and points to the mailboxes. On occasion I humor him and we just hang out in the front of the house. Rarely do we actually get any mail! Womp womp.





The downside to a new development? We don’t get a front lawn until next spring because it’s too cold for them to install now. Edited to add: there’s about 6 inches of snow frozen over the ground, so yeah that’ll do it..


[pom pom toque: Dolls & Dudes]


Ok I lied a bit. We did happen to get mail that day because we got the latest holiday box from Love With Food! It was curated by Tiffani Theissen (you know, Kelly Kapowski). Bonus points: the box contains all natural snacks for both adults and tots AND for every box purchased, a meal is donated to a local shelter!



All of my children (fur and human) were intrigued.



It definitely made up for the 18-month checkup Wes had and my full physical. Doctors, yuck.

Wednesday was a rather blah day. We went to the gym then drove to the dealership for an oil change. I know, so exciting.




[Toque: Wild Roots & Co]


After all that, I decided to chill the F out with a bath and Ben&Jerry’s. Bath truffles are the BEST. Seriously, go get some…


..Unless you win the giveaway that I’m hosting on Instagram. It’s still open for entries (until tonight at midnight!) and one lucky winner will get a whole bunch of goodies: a cosmetic bag from Wild Roots & Co, a Sipcaddy, a teething necklace from Mintedlane and an assortment of bath products from Bubbles & Balms.


Ugh Thursday. It snowed (Wes was psyched!) and I was overly stressed about studying. I’m sounding like a broken record, but SHEESH I’ve never been so stressed about anything as much as this. Too much on the line, it’s nerve wracking!

That is all from Thursday.


Friday: I took a brief time out to decorate the house for Christmas and enjoyed more ice cream with Wes before heading off to work.

PS: I took some GREAT classes at Oranj throughout the week and was blissfully thrilled with how sore my body was after each! Bootcamps, Ashtanga, Obstacle Courses…I was in heaven!


Saturday morning was family time. The three of us headed out to Costco SURPRISE SURPRISE and grabbed a few other things before Tyler and I had a house-date during Wes’s nap. (Because 1:45pm on a Saturday afternoon was the only hour of time the two of us had together for the whole week. Say whaaaa)


The poor kiddo came down with a cold so we were house ridden a bit more than desired, but whatever gets him healthy! Meanwhile, I had to head out to work again.


Look! It’s a twinning pom pom toque from Dolls & Dudes 😉

Side note: I worked until 1am that morning, got home and in bed by 2, and SLEPT THROUGH MY FREAKING ALARM ON SUNDAY. I was an hour late for my CPR class the next morning and just about died with hyper anxiety because of it. Not the coolest way to start the day.


After my CPR class I worked again (going back and forth between two part time night gigs is exhausting and I’ll have to cut out one soon…just after the pain from the holiday spending subsides) then enjoyed some extra snuggle time with my sick boy.

I gave him a late evening bath with these amazing Babe’s First Cold bath bombs and they WORKED. Wes slept from 9pm-9am without a peep! I thought for sure that he would be up multiple times with his cough and congestion, but no.

And just like that, the week was FINALLY over. Now if only this one would hurry up, because I want this stupid test under my belt!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Dump…a day late!

  1. Where is Wes’ coat from?? Love the hood! And those matching Pom hats rock!

    Sounds like you are busy and stressed! Hope you get to have more relaxing baths soon.

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