Week in Photos

PHEW. Another crazy busy week in the books. It seems that this will just be the norm from now on- lots of appointments and gym dates and errands and running around to both my jobs..I mean, it’s a lot! Not too many photos to share this week since I have been INSANELY sick all week and had massive amounts of anxiety for my exam that was on Wednesday..



The boy really is crazy about his doggies. Most of the photos I can snag are with him and Layla since she is more tolerant of his toddler antics than the beagle is. I threw this tiny little rug over our area rug and there was a nice, long snuggle fest to be had between the two.




[Lined Slippers from VIANDJAX; Aztec leggings and polar bear hoodie from Little D Threads]

I’ve got NOTHING to share from Tuesday and Wednesday other than our whole house was dead with illness and it was basically 48 hours of survival mode. I didn’t sleep a wink and Wes was a snot fest and it was just no fun. Combine that with ridiculously cold temps (-34 with wind chill!) and it was an all around suck party.

I did have my Fitness Instructor Exam on Wednesday night AND PASSED, so that was a huge relief taken off my shoulders. The whole test was a blur since I was just sitting there in a cloud of sickness, but thank goodness I had been proactively studying for weeks and was well prepped.


We hit up one of the local grocery stores on Thursday before our gym class (WHAT IS WITH THE GREEN FLOORS?!!) to pick up food bank donation items. One of the instructors there would do a burp for every item brought it, so Wes and I made sure to get a good amount. He was an excellent helper with the basket.

[Buffalo Plaid toque from Wild Roots & Co]

I worked an event at the Brewery that night and somehow managed to get a couple hours of sleep afterwards.


Friday was another I-DONT-WANT-TO-FUNCTION day, but after an early doc appointment for Wes’s flu shot, house cleaning, and an afternoon trip to the gym, I managed to clean up the ol’ mug and head back down to the brewery for work. Good part is: I can wear whatever I want, SO..I basically dressed as comfortable as possible and ended up only staying at work for an hour before coming home and passing out into a deep, glorious sleep.

[Shirt from Take it N Leave It, a portion of proceeds go to local animal shelters!]



Saturday was another sort-of bust day. With the weather so cold and us all HAVING colds, it’s a terrible situation of just sitting around the house for the most part. I was able to get out and run a few errands before I needed to get ready for work.

We received these awesome Tommee Tippee sippy cups via Influester and Wes was super excited to test them ALL out. (FYI: We received all the items for free). I think now is the time that I finally transition him to take milk from straw cups rather than the bottle. I guess I’ve been pretty lazy in that department since he doesn’t ask for milk all that much anymore…except for this week since he was sick and that was all he wanted.


These are THE MOST appropriate ornaments for my tree.


Ugh….THIS KID. He is just too cute I can’t even stand it! He is dressed 1000000x better than me and I am a million percent OK with it.



[Bow Tie Clip: VIANDJAX; Striped Leggings: Pint Size Wardrobe; Moccs: Petit Mod]



Ah, yes, here’s a food pic! I actually grabbed dinner on the go Saturday on my way to work. I don’t really like eating out because I find it too pricey, but I didn’t have much in the house and was running short on time. It’s from Chopped Leaf and it’s the only thing I’ve ever ordered there- the #2 Whole Bowl with chicken. Holy crap it’s delicious.


The event at work ran really late and I didn’t get home until 1:30am but managed to get a decent amount of sleep before we started another lazy day around the house. And by lazy I mean do laundry and clean and entertain the toddler and do this and do that and before you know it, the day is almost over. PHEW.


^Sums up the week pretty well^


I headed downtown for our work Xmas party at National on 10th. We bowled a few rounds and had drinks and food before I wanted to get on the road and get in bed. STAT. This cold has officially kicked my butt and I need a good night’s sleep.

Ahh, but I get to work at the restaurant tonight! Lovely.

OH! And I know it’s been ages since I did a beer post! I’ve got one lined up and should be sharing soon..I’ve just been so preoccupied (you know, drinking said beer. Ha KIDDING)

6 thoughts on “Week in Photos

  1. Congratulations that you passed your exam!!! That’s great news.
    I’m sorry that you (& the fam) were sick all week – NO fun.
    The ornament-of-the-year around here is the pink sprinkle donut.
    Wes is too cute! I think I need to get Abe a bow tie. 🙂

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