Week in Photos

Hey there, happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s been yet another week! So much has been going on it’s like BLINK and here we are. I’m really looking forward to this week because I have WAY less on my plate and I am a million percent excited to just chill the F out.


This kid. Seriously, my favorite. We have spent a lot of time indoors because of the cold weather and he’s still such a trooper with doing indoor-only activities.

[Slouch hat: Pint Size Wardrobe; Scarf: Wild Roots and Co; Raglan: Shop The Skinny; Leggings: Simply Love YYC; Moccs: Petit Mod]


We do try some outdoor time but it really only lsat a few minutes until Wes realized that snow is COLD.




[Pom toque: Dolls and Dudes; Leggings: Munchkin & Sprout Creations]




With the colder weather come longer bath times. Sadly, I haven’t been able to indulge in any lately. Womp.



Reggie came in to see if there was any food, but there wasn’t.



Part of the class I took on Wednesday involved this Christmas Tree workout and I loved it. Well, I hated it…which means I loved it. Does that even make sense? Like, when you’re doing it and all you can think is ‘I want this to be over’ and then after it’s over you realize what a good workout it was.


Wednesday my parents also arrived! It didn’t help that my mom was frantically calling me at 3am saying the airlines couldn’t locate their tickets. (I blame Air Canada) But they still managed to make both flights and landed by noon which allowed us to hang out for the remainder of the day.

And by hang out I mean go grocery shopping.


Thursday was filled with more errands and then it was time for me to head down to Movement U and take a rowing class with some of the Blog Squad (more on that to come!)






Friday night I worked and didn’t get home until 1:30 am. PS: I am super obsessed with my twinning Pom toque and Wes and I are always getting comments on how cute they are! Plus, we both have similar black coats with the fur hood, so we are SUPER twinning.


[Loop Scarf: Wild Roots and Co]


I had to turn around and head back to work the next morning which wasn’t so bad except it meant I had to leave this cute guy behind! Luckily, it went by super fast and came home to snuggle.


[Boots: Posh Panda; Leggings & Winter Hat: Twinkle Belle Designs; Sweatshirt: Live Love North]




Sunday was a super lazy day (I took TWO naps!!) It’s so nice to have my parents around so that there are a couple of extra hands to help out. I finally managed to squeeze in a workout and then got ready to head to my other job for a couple of hours. Total buzzkill for a relaxing Sunday!





At least this kid got to take advantage of rest day and got some chocolate chip cookies to munch on while lounging! PS: So did I. Lots of cookies.

[Leggings: Pint Size Wardrobe;  Arrow Blanket: Rollo Towel Co]

Up later this week: My Movement U review and sharing some Small Shop Love!

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