From The Week

Hey there and happy Monday, friends. This past week was a bit better than the one before so I guess there’s a bit more to share. Taking it back..

Monday: I made it to one of my favorite classes at Oranj which turned out to be packed. Something about a room filled with other women getting their sweat on gives me some serious mojo and I love it.

After the class, we went grocery shopping then hung out at home for the rest of the day. I think- because I can’t remember anything else.


This kid gives some SERIOUS grins for a few chocolate chips. Heck, I would too.


Tuesday: We headed to the library for Toddler Time. This week, Wes didn’t so much pay attention to the songs and stories. Which is totally fine, but he was very focused on running from the far end of the room and landing on my lap. Repeatedly. For the entire hour.

And he’s also way more interested in the blocks and puzzles. And aisles for running.




[Beanie from Pint Size Wardrobe; Sloth leggings from Little D Threads; Fringeless moccs from Posh Panda]


We headed straight to the gym for my Hot Yoga Barre class and ummm it was just what I needed for that one hour. You know how sometimes in Hot Yoga classes they tell you that emotions can come out? Well they did. I actually cried the first 20 minutes of class and I felt SO much better afterwards.


It was a pretty long morning for Wes so we went straight home for him to take a nice, long nap. Once Tyler got home, I ran out to check out the soft opening of the newest craft beer store in Airdrie, Thumbprint. It was pretty amazing and I left there with a few good scores.


Wednesday: Crap, I wish I could remember more from the week. We went to the gym in the morning, stopped for donuts on the way home, then snacked/slept the rest of the afternoon.


[Oxfords from Vi & Jax]




Once Tyler got home, we headed to Lowe’s to pick up some insulation then the mall for some returns and a bite to eat.



Thursday: The morning started with a doctor’s appointment followed by the Booty Rockin’ Robics class at Oranj.

The rest of the day was again low key. Snuggles for days before another evening family trip to Lowe’s. Oh, and there were cookies. Because baking cookies make me feel better.





Friday: Glorious Friday. It was warm enough outside and the snow/ice was pretty much gone from the sidewalk, so we opted for a tiny walk before heading to the gym for me to teach!

Clearly, he wasn’t that much of a fun, but it was only because we couldn’t walk longer.



[Toque from Twinkle Belle Designs; Kickin’ It With My Mama Tee from Lucky Pineapple; Snowflake Harems from Rebel + Heart]


I got my latest order from Bubbles and Balms in the mail! (Crazy, I ordered them on Thursday afternoon. They’re super fast with shipping.) I bought a few new-to-me items and hope to check back in again with my review of them.


I worked Friday night, but was home by 9:30 and got straight in bed.

Saturday: I woke up early and squeezed in a workout before I had to head back to work. I was dressed and ready early enough to hang out with this little dude and get tons of snuggles in.






[Beanie from Wild Roots & Co, Bow Tie + Matching headband from Little Jaimes Gray; Fox Leggings from CD and Bree; Boot Moccs from Posh Panda]



We wore our twinning headband/bowtie but couldn’t quite get a good shot of it. Oops! Next time.




I spy some cleavage in that photo. Haven’t seen that in a LONG while. SO EXCITING.

Work was a really fun and busy gongshow. I really love the Saturday shifts because it’s a  fun mix of patrons and tours that come into the brewery. Before heading home to a delicious steak dinner, I stopped by Common Crown because: beer.


Sunday: There were pancakes and eggs and hash browns and bacon to be had. There may have even been the tail end of a Nutella jar. I don’t know.

Wes woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed, so the morning was filled with lots of giggles and play. When he napped, I worked out then baked banana bread because that makes sense.



[Cabin booties from Will & Co]


We’ve been using our One Berrie Bare Bundle grow with me towel for baths and it’s fantastic. It has a patent pending design that allows for easy use with newborns and infants, but is also large enough to transition to toddler use AND it can be worn as a cape!

The fabric is incredibly soft and absorbent and I’ve already noticed a smoother transition from tub to change table.



Have a great week!

13 thoughts on “From The Week

    • The donuts were pretty good! And so we’re the workouts- I’m really trying to get back into giving my all in them and want to see some muscle gains.

      The cry helped for the time being, just super awkward in public

    • Oranj is so convenient because of the variety of classes- I’m excited to experiment with a few new ones that have been added to the schedule as well. Gotta amp up my game and come up with a good class for when you come!

    • Funny I see more of me in him as he gets older! I definitely have gone overboard on his wardrobe a bit, but it’s really the only thing I spend money on outside of my damn car payment! Safeway donuts are pretty good! I’m really wanting a CHOCOLATE one though and will be keeping my eyes out for them

  1. Donuts… must find some! Those look good!! I wish I could workout hard right now! It sucks how quickly you lose your fitness but I know I’ll get back to it in time. For now I’ll enjoy the donuts.

    Can I get some sloth pants?

    My kids rip their hats off faster than I can put them on! Ugh guys, fashion!!!

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