From the Week

Hi friends and happy start to the week to you! I am taking a deep breath this morning since it’s the first full week I’ll have without some of the stress and pressures I’ve put on myself lately. PHEW!

Monday: We were housebound and had to wait for someone from the city to come and approve the gas line we had installed. They give a gracious ALL DAY window and ended up coming rather early in the morning which stunk since I had cancelled all plans for the day. Because of that, there was only lounging and home workout-ing to be done that day.



[bow tie from Vi and Jax]




Tuesday was a SUPER long day. Wes had a pediatrician appt in the city; he fell asleep in the car and slept through Toddler Time at the library; then hung out at child care while I attended a Hot Yoga Barre class. Then we had to rush home so I could drop him off with Tyler and head back into the city for another appointment; come home, then head back out to get my hair done at my stylist’s house. WOOF.

It was a rather stressful day and I wound up meeting up with friends downtown before heading back home and calling it a night.


But I did get to sneak a few minutes of quiet with this happy little dude who was more than excited to sport his new duds from Finn & Grin– more on them later!

[Also- moccs from Petit Mod, Chocolate shirt from The Skinny]Β 


Wednesday we had lots of snuggles (I love that Wes is so into snuggles lately!)Β before heading out to an appointment. To kill time between that and the gym, we stopped at Safeway for some snacks.







[Beanie from Pint Size Wardrobe; Scarf from East of Embers; Cactus romper from Archer and Antlers; Moccs from Posh Panda]


Thursday: Yet another appointment in the morning followed by a long walk along the pathways behind the house. It was as bit nippy with the wind but Wes was a trooper and walked almost the entire way.



[Plaid Toque: Dolls & Dudes]


Luckily the fresh air wore him out and he went down for an earlier nap. But I still needed to wake him up to get back to the gym for my practical exam WHICH I PASSED. So it was a good afternoon. Then yet another appointment followed by a meet and greet with a day home down the street.


Friday: We were up and at ’em so I could teach my AMRAP class. My class numbers are still a bit small, but I have been loving teaching!





[Toque and Romper from East of Embers; Snack bag from Wild Roots & Co]





I worked at the brewery that night then got in bed as soon as I got home. So exciting.


[Scarf from Urban Cowgirl & Co]



Saturday we headed to Costco and Lazyboy then I worked out while Wes napped and headed off to work at the brewery again.




[Beanie from The Charlee Dee; Leggings from Wylo & Co; Boot Moccs from Posh Panda]



Sunday was picture-less but consisted of a whole lot of relaxing. MUCH NEEDED.

Hope you all have a great week!

8 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. Whoa so many appointments! Sucks you have to head back into the city for all of them! Does Wes just not see your family doctor? I didn’t think they “did” paediatricians here in Calgary. Where does your hairdresser live? Your hair always looks so good and I really could use someone new…. πŸ™‚ And day home?? Looks like we will have lots to talk about when you come over πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha yes! Quick answers- he was referred to one because he bangs his head on his crib when he goes to bed. Turns out to be nothing. She lives in Cranston! Day home for 2 hours on Mondays so I can get to work a bit earlier πŸ™‚

  2. Ton of appointments! It seems like that’s all I do on my days off lately.
    I’m on the hunt for a new hairdresser since mine has gone on mat leave. I might have to get the details from you if yours is taking clients.

    Yay for passing your exam!

  3. Nice work passing your exam! Was there any question really?! Come on. Hope the appointments end soon. Those I am certain were no fun. Such cute outfits. I am just going to need all his hand me downs. k thanks. πŸ˜‰
    Excited to try your class on Thursday!

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