Alberta Blog Squad- UNDRCARD

Well, the Alberta Blog Squad was at it again (and have already since done quite a few more classes that I hadn’t attended!). The latest class that I was able to make it to was at UNDRCARD Boxing Studio– Fight Club meets Night Club meets Community Hub.


So to give you the quick lowdown- it’s a super trendy boxing studio that also has a pretty sweet juice bar. And of course I noticed that it was conveniently located right next to two of my favorite craft beer go to’s- CRAFT and National. Bwahaha.

Since we were a smaller group, we didn’t get a private class but instead joined a regularly scheduled 7:30pm slot. It was pretty mandatory to arrive early enough to purchase hand wraps and get instructed on how to properly wrap both hands prior to class. To my demise, we had to take our fitbits off since they would’ve been in the way!


The facility itself is rocking’. Again, it’s SUPER trendy and I felt totally out of place as a mom from the ‘burbs. But the staff was really friendly so it helped take the edge off.




And then there was the class. It was a 50 minute class that incorporated basic punches and combos and mixed in some cardio and body weight strength training.

The lighting and music were what I loved best, BUT I found the placement of bags to really hinder all participants from fully seeing the instructor AND themselves in the mirror. The class wasn’t full either, yet I still managed to whack ankles with a nearby member quite a few times. Dangerous!


I loved the instructor’s enthusiasm and her traveling around the room to correct form, but I had a really hard time catching on since I am a lefty and the entire class was taught specifically for righties. I don’t mean to sound like a negative nancy, but with the pace of the combos, I wanted to catch on as quick as I could to maximize my workout!

Similar to other boutique fitness studios, UNDRCARD offers drop-ins, punch passes and monthly rates and has lockers available for use. I think if I lived downtown I would be more likely to attend these classes more regularly. I’d also probably go more often is I was trendier, because it seems the appropriate thing to do! haha


So my overall thoughts? I would go back- I would try several classes with a bunch of different instructors to master the form, some of the combos and really get a better feel for the studio. Plus, THE MUSIC. It was bumping (holy crap, does that make me sound old? It was though!) Definitely recommend. Go box at UNDRCARD!

Oh, and they sell Cru juice. And the Dirty Lemonade is my fave.



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