From the Week

Happy Monday everyone! As I type this, I am literally too exhausted to put much effort into my one sided conversation (Seriously, I I usually link to the small shops for various pieces of Wes’s wear, but this week- if you’re curious to know where anything is from- head on over to my Instagram page and search for the same photo. There, the small shops are tagged and it will take you right to their page!


I only got to see this kid for a few minutes Monday morning. I dropped him off at child care, went to the gym and headed straight to work for the rest of the day/night. I am starting to really dread Mondays because they are physically and emotionally draining and I need to change them STAT.



Tuesday morning I baked banana bread and made a chocolate pie. We headed to Toddler Time at the library then the gym right after. It was my one day off from NO WORK so I made sure to squeeze in about 45 minutes of R&R between house chores and planning my several upcoming classes at the gym.




Wednesday I subbed a circuit class in the morning then taught my usual PUMP class that night. Wes had been in the midst of some weird spell (no fever or any cold symptoms but was very moody and slept A LOT). He napped for most of the afternoon!



Thursday we went to the gym in the AM then laid low at home for the afternoon before I had to head back and teach my tabata class.








Friday I taught my AMRAP class (and actually did the workout as well since there was only one participant. HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS, I plan hard workouts!) then worked at the brewery for the night.




Saturday we headed to Genesis for Sportball but Wes wanted nothing to do with it and we had to head home instead. It was a really tough day and he was incredibly moody which was just way too exhausting to handle.




Sunday proved to be much better and Wes was a happy camper at swim class. I headed to work right after for the rest of the day. It was a complete struggle to get through the day because I was just so darn exhausted and can’t seem to find any time to recoup!





Here’s to hoping for more energy this week!

2 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. How many hours a week are you working between all of your jobs? I know that for me, working full time means a constant juggle of things in order to get them done (ie: working out on my lunch hour, running to Safeway on my lunch hour) because the time between picking Amelia up and her going to bed is very limited during the week. Do you think working full time hours (ie: 8:30-4:30pm Monday to Friday) would be easier than working multiple jobs and balancing them? I’m not saying you should do this- more asking as I don’t know what it’s like to balance the jobs.

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