Small Shop (Colt & Lala) + DISCOUNT!

Oh hey guys. If you follow me on Instagram, thanks for all the support from my post earlier this week. There have been lots of highs and lows over the past few months and we are still trying to sort everything out over here and move on..

Today I want to share some more small shop love with you–> Colt and Lala. Per usual, I found this shop on Instagram and new I needed to get my hand on one of Alyssa’s handmade teething necklaces! Even though Wes is a bit past the teething phase, I think they’re still super stylish AND toddler proof (from those prying hands!). 


Colt & Lala is run by Alyssa, a SAHM of an almost 2 and 3.5 year old. The shop was named after her two kiddos- Colter and Stella (‘Lala’ is Colter’s attempt at saying his sister’s name!). In addition to the shop, she owns an event planning company and often vacations with her family at their cottage in Ontario. <–super jealous!


I really love the muted colors of both necklaces I have because they go with just about everything I own..which also just so happens to be mostly neutral colored items! They’re easy to clean and safe for Wes to nosh on if the mood strikes.

The next one I’ve had my eye on is this adorable Sibby Necklace.


I’ve worn both several times already and find that the place I get the most compliments on them is at the brewery! Funny, right? Hey, it’s a versatile piece of jewelry AND a conversation starter.


GOOD NEWS: All of you, my lovely readers, can score 15% off your Colt & Lala order by using the promo code ‘nutcaseinpoint’. The offer is good until May 1st, so hurry up! (if you don’t see a color combo you like, make sure to message her for any potential customization!)

AND…make sure to head on over to their Instagram page ASAP since they are currently having a 1 year anniversary GIVEAWAY where one lucky winner will get a $50 shop credit. Giveaway closes Saturday, March 25th @7pm MST.


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