From the Week

And another week is starting. Woof! Mondays are the worst, but the following few days are generally pretty low key in our household so they’re my favorite. Let’s backtrack from our past week..


Monday and the sun was shining. I got a few minutes of me time for breakfast and just a few more minutes of time with Wes before I had to drop him off at childcare and head out for the day. First stop was the gym then it was right of to work until a whopping 9:30pm. UGH.



Beanie: Wild Roots & Co; Raglan Tee: Pint Size Wardrobe



Tuesday we headed off to Toddler Time then to the gym for Hot 360. When Tyler got home I headed off to the mall for some new sneakers for Wes.


Beanie & T-shirt: Cloud Co Clothing; Harems: Portage & Main; Black & White Blanket: Rollo Towel Co



Wednesday wasn’t too busy. Gym, grocery store, home. Taught my PUMP class which was pretty full and I had a great playlist!

Beanie: Wild Roots & Co; Hoodie & Leggings: Finn & Grin

Don’t forget! Use code WESLEYFRIENDS10 for 10% off your Finn & Grin order!


My latest Bubbles & Balms order! I specifically asked for the two things of Timeless Beauty, but opted for a random mix of bath truffles and bombs and Justin & Judith did not disappoint. Everything smells so darn good.



Thursday started at the gym followed by an afternoon of Elmo and outdoor exploration before I had to head back and teach Triple Threat Tabata.

Beanie & Scarf: Wild Roots & Co; Romper: The Whimsical Fox





I had a snack when I got home and Tyler and I watched some Netflix. About halfway through, I started to feel queasy and within minutes I was getting sick. Nonstop. Throughout the night. Honestly, it was some of the worst pain I’ve experienced and I got so dehydrated and tired from the whole ordeal. I had to cancel my class the next morning and call off work that night.

Luckily, Wes was a super cooperative boy and entertained himself most of the day while I hunkered on the couch waiting for recovery to make its appearance.



Saturday we went to Wes’s Sportball class, Costco, then I headed to work for the night. It ended up being dead and I was all alone for the last 2 hours of my shift! Not fun.

Hoodie: Little D Threads; Leggings: Twinkle Belle Designs; Moccs: Posh Panda


Sunday morning was swim class followed by my shift at the beer market. It was a pretty smooth day!




Leggings: Hazelberry; Moccs: Petit Mod




Our evening ran a little late since Wes actually enjoyed his bath for the first time in a long while.


Here’s to hoping this coming week is stress free, happy, and great!

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