From the Week

In a way, this past week was a blessing in disguise. It was busy BUT low key and manageable enough to get plenty of down time at home with a rather happy toddler and DIY-accomplishing husband.

Monday was a beautiful day. After the gym, Wes and I spent a lot of time walking around the backyard and spotting all the geese.





Whole outfit: Finn & Grin; Mocs: Petit Mod

PS: Don’t forget to use code WESLEYFRIENDS10 for 10% off your F&G order




I headed off to work that night and stayed longer for an event, but it was extremely manageable. I was home by 9pm and immediately went to bed.


Tuesday: AKA- my favorite day of the week because I don’t have to go to any of my jobs! We started the morning with Toddler Time at the library, then did a bunch of errands before crashing at home for the rest of the day.

We headed out for another walk after dinner and then I headed to a 10/10/10 class at the gym. It’s so weird to go to a class at night now. So funny, because I used to ONLY work out at night and now I crave getting my workout done in the morning. Times, they are a-changing.


Joggers from Geema Sews; Beanie from Finn & Grin



Wes got his new  timber child snack plate in the mail and he LOVES it! Only problem is, he loves to carry it around and hug it- not eat snacks off it. In time!


^^Korean Beef Rice Bowls^^


Wednesday morning required Paw Patrol. Lots of Paw Patrol. I was feeling like absolute crap and it was the only thing to calm down an unusually clingy boy. Worked like a charm. Took a circuit class in the morning then taught PUMP that night. Luckily I was able to rest a ton in between so it wasn’t too overwhelming.



Tee from Surfing Ninjas; Leggings from Rebel + Heart


^^Asian Lettuce Wrap Chicken Chopped Salad^^



Thursday Wes did some awesome Easter artwork in childcare while I was working out! He was really proud to show it off to mama.


Beanie from Wild Roots & Co; Tee from Portage and Main; Leggings from CD & Bree


Taught Triple Threat Tabata and prepared Slow Cooker Banh Mi Rice Bowls



Friday I taught my class in the morning and worked at the brewery that night. Not much happened in between,

Romper from East of Embers, Beanie from Wild Roots & Co


Saturday started off with Sportball and then I subbed a circuit class at the gym. I spent the rest of the day on the couch before heading back to Oranj for the Zencraft event. I participated in the Flow & Glow yoga then served a variety of cider and beer on behalf of Thumbprint afterwards!

Jut before heading to yoga, Wes fell asleep in my lap and I couldn’t help but take advantage of the moment. He NEVER falls asleep on me! I let him rest for about 30 minutes before I really needed to move.



Sunday we had Wes’s swim class then I headed to work for the day. Sundays are most usually write offs since we have no time to do anything as a family PLUS the weather was crap.

This coming week is going to be an absolute clusters*ck of busy and I’m not entirely looking forward to it. But I know that I’ll blink and be next Sunday 😉

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