From the Week

Whoa. I am so glad last week is over! Except… this week is going to be almost as crazy! Luckily, I have finagled a way to have BOTH Saturday and Sunday off this weekend (Wes turns TWO!) and I cannot wait to soak up 48 full hours with my guys. And no obligations.

Monday: No pictures! I woke up feeling like sh*t an had to quickly drop Wes off at the day home before heading to work from 10a-9p. LONG. DAY.

Tuesday: I didn’t have to go to work until 12:30, so I was able to enjoy some sun in the morning with my little man. We headed off to Toddler Time before I had to drop him off at the day home again and be at work for the rest of the evening.

PS: Do you know what’s awful? I’ve been staying past closing to accommodate private events and they leave ZERO tip. What the hell?!





Wednesday: I subbed a circuit class in the morning and had the rest of the day off! It was pretty amazing. Except I forgot a had a doctor’s appointment and had to head in later to see if they could still squeeze me in.



When we first moved, I noticed there was always three horses in the pasture behind our house. One white, one brown and one black. We didn’t see them all winter and just a couple of week ago they made their return! So our quick walks involve lots of pointing to the ‘neigh-neighs’ and ducks and geese.



Thursday: I attempted to take a Yin Yang Yoga class since my usual cardio class was cancelled. Annnnnnd, I discovered that it isn’t my cup of tea. The instructor was great and I left feeling insanely relaxed but it just wasn’t a ‘workout’ for me.

I headed back in the evening to teach a pretty packed Tabata class and I might have over demo’d the moves as a means of sneaking some exercise for myself.



Things that suck: Pee spots on our brand new grass in the backyard. Things that also suck: living in a crazy windy spot and constantly having random trash blow into our yard. I haven’t bought pop tarts in YEARS and yet the wrappers for them have somehow snuck in both my yard and my garage. And it’s not like Tyler snuck them or anything.



Friday: NO ONE showed up for my AMRAP class! It was a huge disappointment since I totally love teaching it. So as not to waste time, I did a quick dumbbell WOD then Wes and I headed out for a few errands. Also, he had a massive meltdown while we were out- I suspect it was because he was hungry and he just wanted me to hold him the entire time.



Saturday: Tyler took Wes to his final Sportball class while I subbed a circuit class. Afterwards, I headed to the farmer’s market for a few things. Among them were mini donuts. I’ve somehow managed to avoid these things for the 5 years I’ve lived here, but decided to finally cave. They were hot and pretty tasty but so so so so sugary.


I also headed over to Thumbprint for a few beers and to pick up some tamales from the food truck that was out front. I was SO excited for tamales but was massively disappointed in these. There was only one piece of chicken in each and it was slightly undercooked. And no real flavor. Ugh, what a bummer.




When Wes woke up from his nap, he dove right into those donuts and loved them!

I had to head off to work that night. It was super slow until a busload of drunkies showed up. Thankfully they were prompted by their bus driver to head to their next location, so I didn’t have to kick them out!


Sunday: I made french toast using cinnamon bread for breakfast and it was so good! I made some for Wes as well and he devoured it. And then he ate a bowl of cereal. And then applesauce. And then some of Tyler’s pancakes.


And he loved to have his fig bar after swim class!


I went to work for the day- I was hoping we’d be slow enough that I could jet out early, but it was a steady rush for the entire day. As soon as I got home I got to snuggle with my favorites, have pizza and make cookies.

Our night ended by reading the same 3 books over and over and over and now I’m pooped. Here’s to hoping the next two (FULL) days go by fast!



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