From the Week

Oh man, was it a week! Started off super busy and gradually tapered into the best weekend I’ve had with my boys since I was on mat leave. I absolutely love having weekends off and I think I need to make that my new goal.

Monday: I barely got to see Wes since he was at the day home all day. I got my workout in then headed to work until 7pm when I managed to squeeze in some hangout time with my guy before he went to bed. He got a pretty cool personalized birthday book from his aunt and uncle and was super jazzed about it.



Tuesday: We went to our last Toddler Time of this session at the library. Then it was back to the day home for Wes while I worked for the rest of the evening.



Oh right, I also made the leap and started my own Rodan & Fields business! I have been considering it for a few months and finally decided to give it a go. I am beyond excited for this new business venture and cannot wait to see what this can do for my family (and my skin!)

If you’re not familiar with the company, it’s the #1 skin care line in NORTH AMERICA. It was started by the same two doctors who created Proactiv and all of the regimens are clinically proven to work- they address all specific needs: acne, scars, discoloration, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, you name it!

If you are interested AT ALL in this, please let me know and we can privately chat!

Also, please head on over to my R+F Facebook page and give it a big ol’ LIKE.


Wednesday morning I had a doctor appointment then subbed a circuit class at Oranj. The rest of the day was free and boy oh boy was it glorious.




Beanie/Leggings: Finn & Grin; Shirt: Live Love North, Mocs: Posh Panda




With that time off, we headed to the mall for Wes to meet the easter bunny. It didn’t go so well- he was all smiles and excited, but as soon as it was his turn, he screamed bloody murder. Poor kid!



Beanie: Wild Roots & Co; Bow Tie: Vi & Jax; Leggings: Dolls and Dudes; Mocs: Petit Mod

We also got this amazing magic sand box from his aunt and uncle. I can’t praise this activity enough- it gave me hours of free time. HOURS.


Thursday it freaking snowed. Like, what the hell? Not cool. Only thing on the agenda were a couple of trips to the gym and that was it.




Friday was a stat holiday so Tyler was home with us. I taught my usual Friday morning class and it was PACKED. I got all jazzed up about it and felt it was a super awesome class.


^Leggings: Pint Size Wardrobe

Saturday Wes turned TWO!!!!! I had a cute little outfit for him.

We started the day with a trip to Build A Bear, he rode tons of mall rides, and then he played for what seemed like forever at the farmer’s market while I picked up a ton of goodies.


Beanie: Cloud Co Clothing; Shirt: Hey Baby; Harems: East of Embers






He was such a good boy the entire day- lots of treats and presents and excitement!

Sunday we started the morning off with an Easter egg hunt! I had about 40 eggs ‘hidden’ around the house and Wes picked up on it REAL QUICK. I think he found them all in about 2 minutes. And then he spotted his basket and had so much fun sorting through everything.





Tyler made us eggs benny for breakfast and we got to hang around the house (aka: clean and work on DIY projects) until it was time to head to the neighbors for dinner. Where I promptly stuffed myself silly with food.







Highlights from the week? Wes’s bday, Easter, TIME OFF WITH MY BOYS, and starting with Rodan & Fields. (again, message me for info! My first enrolled business partner will earn a HUGE incentive. And a few of my first customers will get some freebies as well….)

4 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. Dude, how do they catch on to the Easter egg hunts so fast? Harry did the same thing. He grabbed his huntin’ bucket, and immediately found ALL THE EGGS. I didn’t even have to tell him what to do.

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