Oh hey

Holy crap, it’s been a long ass while since I’ve checked in here. To be honest, I just have had so much on my plate lately! For the most up-to-date stuff from me, check out my Instagram (one photo + short caption = my jam). But here are some life things that have been going on lately…

Wes had his 2nd birthday party! It was a milk + cookies theme and as far as I’m concerned, a success! Lots of play, no tears and CAKE.



-I quit one of my jobs. It was a super tough decision but has already resulted in far less stress and more time at home.

-Wes got his first haircut!

-We announced a new arrival on the way!




So what else has been going on? Well, I’m still working at the craft beer store, still teaching 3-4 classes a week at the gym, and still killing it with my Rodan + Fields gig.

Now that I’m somewhat out of the haze of nap nap nap errrrrr-damn day, I am hoping to post more frequently here. Plus- I have so many fun things to share!

Hope you’ll stay tuned!

One thought on “Oh hey

  1. I know I commented on this last week but it’s not here! Obviously – It said – YAY! I am so excited and happy for you! 🙂
    I quit Instagram and this is the first time I regret it for being so late to hear the news!

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