Five on Friday

Ooooh lookie lookie, I’m back! Thought I’d share 5 random things from the week with you guys so let me hop right to it



  1. I don’t know which I’m loving more- my new East of Embers kimono, or my newly returned cleavage! Seriously, thank you pregnancy for this one lovely side effect.



2. My new Carolina Lemke sunglasses from! I normally gravitate towards the basic black frames (like my go-to Raybans) but thought I’d take a gamble this time and it worked in my favor (I blame pregnancy hormones? Maybe). Plus, I received excellent service from the site and a quick turnaround from my custom order. Go take a peak- they have a zillion different frame options for prescription and non-prescription glasses/sunglasses!



3. Rodan + Fields. Yeah, I made this my new side gig just over a month ago and I’ve already climbed the leaderboard in my team! See, that’s me in the THIRD SPOT. I’m not joking when I say that my team is filled with amazing, supportive, and FUNNY women who have helped me learn so much about this biz in such a short time. I am more than appreciative and super excited to see what the next few months have in store!

Also, just a reminder that Father’s Day is only 16 days away. While Rodan + Fields primarily appeals the women, men have skin too! THAT SAID- our Beyond the Shave package is the perfect gift for the dad(s) in your life. Plus, you’re the ones giving them smooches, why not have it be to soft, smooth skin? Be one of the first 7 people to place an order of BTS and you’ll be entered to win a full-sized product for yourself! (message me or comment below if you’re interested..)


4. Warm weather. Well that’s a huge big effing DUH. The hotter, brighter and drier the better. Except our new place is the first house I’ve ever lived in that does NOT have A/C so I’ll probably either A) die in my sleep, or B) never sleep because who can get shut eye when they’re laying in their own sweat? Add a big ass belly to the equation and this is a big ‘ol heap of HELL TO THE NO.


5. Alright, this last one’s a toss up. Do I boast about my fabulous classes at Oranj and how I have been loving the increase of class attendance as each week goes by? Or do I talk about my pregnant love of every single boneless buffalo wing that exists on earth? Or do I just stop there and we pretend it never happened?

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. OK, I know I’m in the minority here – My husband would certainly agree 😉 – But I was SO glad every time to get my normal / smaller boobs back after being pregnant & nursing. They were just too high maintenance, Haha.
    Boneless Buffalo Wings are definitely a weakness of mine and I sure don’t have pregnancy to blame it on anymore…
    Congrats on doing so well with the R&F gig!

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