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Hey friends! I have been the true definition of the word MOMBIE the past week and have lost track of what day it is, what I need to do, and who the heck I talk to. For reals.

I wanted to chat for a few minutes about some stuff we’ve been sporting lately at the ol’ Linton household. And by ‘we’ I mean MY CHILDREN because I’m wandering the house in smelly slippers, a raggedy robe, and the ever-popular mom bun. Hashtag HALP ME.

Ok, I gotta start with probably the best towel EVER. Lemme back up a sec: When Wes was a baby, we could only give him a bath if both of us were around so that one person could pick him up out of the bath and the other person would be ready with a towel. It was kind of a pain in the ass and it was just plain inconvenient.

Insert: Oneberrie. The bare bundle towel is a total life saver! In fact, I now have two of them and have been able to solo bathe Tanner (and Tyler has Wes tubby time duty!)



Basically, the towel has a button closure that you can fasten around your neck so that you wear the towel while you bathe the baby and can then easily pick them up out of the tub and straight into your arms surrounding by a warm, soft, absorbent towel. LOVE.


It’s hard to really snap a picture of it in use because iPhones + water = NO NO.

As for clothing, my latest fave shop has been Munchkin & Sprout. Not only is it a small shop making adorable handmade clothes for babes/kiddos, but she’s in the same town as me! So convenient..and I get to support SUPER local 😉










*This NEW bamboo pullover is seriously the softest piece of clothing ever. Not only does Wes love it (and comfortably napped in it) but I want one too!!




Corrie specializes in grow with me clothing. It’s a genius concept because the clothes last so much longer..especially since we all know kids grow like weeds! The fabrics are really soft, the quality is top notch, and the pieces are just so dang cute (and totally customizable!)

Head on over to the website and use code WES10 to save 10% on your next order!

PS: Word on the street is snap rompers and dresses will be added to the lineup, so be on the lookout

Another shop to be on the lookout for is Prairie Wilding. It’s still in the beginning stages, but make sure to follow her Insta page to product/order news! The boys were privileged to get a matching set of harems and all I gotta say is BIG HEART-EYE EMOJI FACE. Can’t wait to get more of her stuff!








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