Things Lately

Ok, so here we are. I finally carved out a few minutes of alone time (after the toddler managed to sneak in the room and ask for his race car 52320234694 times) to check in and maybe ramble for a little bit in hopes of maybe sparking some responses and/or conversation with some of you….assuming there are people reading this??

20171208 - Lintons NB - 52

As I type this, I am 5 1/2 weeks post partum (not gonna lie, I just typed ‘months’ about 6 times before realizing I am clearly in a sleep deprived trance.) and I’ve been working out for just over two weeks.


Before you get all judgy, I’m obviously not flipping tires and running marathons. The first 2 weeks consisted mostly of functional movement. Anything to give me body a break from all the couch sitting. Not only is it a great thing physically, but it has been a great stress reliever and allows me about 30 minutes to mentally check out. Just this week I’ve been able to kick it up a notch and actually break a sweat (of the non-hot flashy kind) and it has felt GREAT. I’m acknowledging my limits and not pushing myself too too hard.


As far as food goes, I’m not one to be on the ‘eat only healthy things’ train. But I’m also not on the ‘I’m breastfeeding so I will eat all the things in sight’ train. I’ve basically been pretty consistent with my diet and balancing proteins/carbs/fats as best as possible. Can’t forget the sweets either. Those are super important. For my sanity.


Socially- yeah that part of my life is non-existent. Except for reaching out via social media about Rodan + Fields, I’ve been confined to the house with a 2 year old that babbles about crocodiles in his room and a 1 month old that barfs. Do I feel deprived? Not really. Mostly because I am borderline dead from lack of sleep and don’t really want to have any face to face time with other grown humans. Also partly because I don’t want to leave the house- because that’s work- and I don’t want people to come to my house- because that’s also work.



Beer- mmmmm beer is back in my life. Now, if you don’t know me that well you might be like WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF. Hey- every single mom related meme out there is about freaking wine, so I’m trying to alter THAT norm. Moms drink craft beer too! And boy is it glorious. Perfect timing too since we’ve just installed a tap in the basement. KEG PARTY!

Oh right, I don’t want people over to my house. KEG FOR ME!


Rodan + Fields: I’m still pretty darn obsessed with this biz. If you don’t follow me on social media (then I’m not sure how you even know about this blog) you’ll notice that I’ve  got skincare on the brain 24/7. And not from the ‘I’m a beauty nerd’ type person. More of the ‘I’m in love with the product and need everyone to try it.’ AND ‘This biz is legit and everyone needs to do it’ aspect. FOR REALS. If I haven’t yet reached out to you about it, I’m about to. And if you don’t hear from me…reach out! There are so many amazing incentives, rewards and digits before the decimal point in a pay check to be had!!

And that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m hoping to write with a bit more structure going forward, but HEY what can ya do?

6 thoughts on “Things Lately

  1. I always read your blogs might not comment but I do read 😂. Oh those early days with 2 Littles are the best but so exhausting to . I went for a walk they after I gave birth to the 3th kid and one of my neigbours tought I lost it 😂 I think it’s all about how you feel and to not push yourself to far .

    • Yeah! I was lucky to go for lots of walks when Wes was born but the weather is a bit different this time around. I can only mall walk so much before going crazy! I did carry tanner up and down the stairs a few dozen times and that was a good workout

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