Tanner Owen {4 MONTHS}

Well my baby is no longer a newborn and that gives me all the feels. He’s a pretty big boy, so he’s sorta been out of the super-new feeling phase for a while, but now it’s real.


Eating: Still just breastfed. We’ve tried the bottle a number of times, but he refuses it. If you have any tips or tricks, I’m all ears! I’m now back to working at the gym and picking up shifts at the beer store, so we desperately need to get this kid to like other methods of eatings besides BOOB.


Sleeping: Every once in a while he will sleep through the night. More often than not, he will wake once for a quick feed and be pretty easy to get back down. We’ve finally gotten to the point where I can sit with him in the rocking chair and get him to fall asleep at night rather than us waiting for him to fall asleep (if that sounds like random/bad parenting…whatever. It’s what we do.) Lots of naps in the Boba wrap, short morning naps while I squeeze in a workout, and if bounced in his bouncy seat.


Wearing: Jammies are 12 months. Everything else is a random assortment of 9-24 month clothes. He’s definitely getting through them faster than his big brother! Size 3 diapers still, but once he pees those suckers get TIGHT.


He smiles ALL THE TIME and I absolutely love it. He’s finally starting to make eye contact when we say his name. I’ve been doing his neck exercises daily and his rotation is definitely improving. I put him in the Bumbo while I bake in the kitchen or prep lunch so that his can get stronger AND he does a lot more tummy time (I’m terrible and practically never did this with Wes).


Again- and it just gets better every month- he is absolutely in love with Wes. The two of them are always smiling at each other and I can’t get over the beautiful bond they have.


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