Tanner Owen {5 MONTHS}

Another month has come and gone and we are ALMOST at the half year mark! I can’t believe that 5 months ago today I walked into the hospital unsure as to how quickly I would deliver this babe once induced. I really am so fortunate to have had easy deliveries with my babies and this guy really helped mama out by making his debut in 6 minutes. So let’s do a quick chat of where we’re at from this month:


Weight: He’s almost 22 pounds. Kinda large. At his checkup last week, the doctor said he was measuring the same as an average sized 13 month old. Well ok then! 99th percentile for everything. He’s already transitioned into his brother’s 18-24 month clothes and about 2 seconds away from no longer fitting into the infant carseat.



Food: Still breastfed, but we’ve introduced solids! Since Tanner is still anti-bottle for the most part, I wanted to get more calories in him than what I could provide, so we have used Love Child’s Oats & Chia oatmeal, and purees that include: carrots, peas, sweet potato, squash, apple, banana & peach. Fingers crossed the kiddo is more apt to take a bottle this month…I get so exhausted having to be his main food source and it keeps from from participating in a lot of out-of-the-house activities.


Sleep: naps are sporadic and either follow a feed or happen when he’s in his carseat. At night, he will go down around 9pm, get an hour in and then want another quick feed. One wakeup around 4am and back to sleep until 8ish. I’ve acclimated to the wakeup and use my hour of nursing time to get work done on my phone. Seriously, the best form of multitasking. And I’ve somehow trained myself to fall back asleep rather quickly! Winning.



Play: Yesterday, he rolled over from front to back TWICE. I’m not even bothering to compare this ability to other kids because he’s so heavy and it requires a lot more strength for him to complete these tasks. We’ve had him in the bouncer a few times a day- this has been to give mommy hands free time, but also an opportunity for him to practice his neck strength and rotation (given his tight neck that he’s been going to physio for). He can also grab for things and hold them with both hands! So weird that it’s an exciting task for me to see him do, but man it’s like he’s all grown up!



Interaction: Tanner knows his name and will make eye contact when called. He also ADORES his big brother and laughs and gives him the biggest smiles. I seriously can’t stress enough how happy this baby is. We give him a bath (that he barely fits into): he laughs. Change his diaper: he laughs. Eat food: laughter. I absolutely love what a joy he has been in all of our lives so far and I can’t wait to see how his personality continues to develop.


Other: Tanner loves to suck on his finger/thumb at all times. We also sold two of our single strollers and purchased the City Select with Glider board so that outdoor excursions are a bit easier. I think there are probably 23509273 other things I could write about, but mom brain wins and I’ll have to pop back in later to add them.


In case you missed it, here’s his birth story, one month, 2 months, 3 months, & 4 month updates.

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