Wesley Arlo- 6 Months

I don’t know what’s scarier..that I’ve had a CHILD for half a year or that I have to go back to work in 6 months. Oy. Searching for childcare is no easy task and the cost of it? WOOF. It would probably be cheaper to pay to have my parents move here and help out.


So, 6 months! What’s been going on? Well, LOTS. I feel like Wes has turned into a little person and less and less like a baby. He is obsessed with grabbing his feet and flailing about. Now I get why they call that pose happy baby in yoga. He also has his hands in his mouth 24/7. And when it’s not his hands, it’s whatever he can get his hands on.

He’s started to try to sit up, he’s rolled over, and he can reach with both arms to grab for things.


Most major development? He is no longer in his infant car seat. This makes me ferociously sad, but he seems to love it! And he has had no problem facing outward in his strollers when we go for walks. If anything, he naps more!

We started Wes on solids too. Last month, I introduced rice cereal into his bottle at night then gradually started making it thicker like actual cereal, then buying a lot of stage 1 and stage 2 squeeze packs that he now gobbles up like a champ. His favorite was the pear/spinach/peas combo. Who would have thought?! That’s my kid. He also got some local peaches and apples pureed while we were back home in NY. With that, comes weirder diapers. It’s kind of hilarious.


He is OBSESSED with his jumperoo. I think he spends a cumulative 3 hours each day in that thing. He loves to rotate from activity to activity and just jump. Jump. JUMP. A lot of the time, he jumps himself to sleep! It’s also a nice distraction for him when I want to get my workout in during the day.


With his increase in activity, he’s more regulated in his napping which is a GOD SEND. Usually one at 9ish, 1ish and 4ish. Usually. I cannot tell you how much more I get done around the house now, it’s insane. For the first time ever, I actually showered while he napped. That has never happened because I was so paranoid he’d wake up from the noise of the shower (our house is small, y’all).


We had a few instances in New York when he would wake up at 3/4am and would require a feed, but other than that he has slept through the night from 7:30pm-6:30am.

Wes now knows his name and will respond when called. He is also a lot better at following sounds and looking around and really focusing on things.


I swear he loves the dogs. Mostly Reggie, even though Reggie still gives zero craps about him. Layla is ALWAYS wherever Wes is. He’s started to grab for them and at first I was all AHHHH DOG HAIR IN HIS MOUTH. But then I realized it’s a lost cause. Especially when I find dog hair in his diapers. Whatever.


He’s still got that stupid eczema on his neck which I’m constantly slathering with cream. I feel really bad for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

He has a gorilla face that I think is the funniest thing ever. He usually makes it when he’s super concentrating (not to be confused with poop face) or when he gets so excited about something.


He is still a super jolly kid and I’m just WAITING for the photos to reflect that. We had his 6 month check up this morning and he was all smiles with the doctor. FYI: weight is 20.5 lbs, 27 inches and an 18 inch head (for all the smarts). Right after his doc appointment, we headed over to the health center for his 6 month vaccine where he was again all smiles and only made one cry as the needle went in. I swear all doctors and nurses love him to pieces.


…and we go through about a zillionty bibs every day because the boy’s a drooler! No teeth yet though.

He has a loud voice and loves to babble all the time. Especially if you put a burp cloth up to his mouth, he will yell so you can repeatedly pat his mouth with it to make it sound funny.


Hopefully I didn’t forget anything! #mombrain

In case you missed it, here’s his past updates:

Wesley Arlo- 2 months

My little baby man is two months old today! When I think about it, I either cry because I miss him as a newborn and I haven’t slept in two months, or I gush over the fact that I’ve been head over heels for a poop machine for that long.


His stats according to the doctor’s appt we had this afternoon–> height: 24″; weight: 14lb 3oz

This month, Wes FINALLY transitioned out of that horrible, terrible, awful, no good wake-up-every-2/3-hours-to-eat-and-cry phase and started sleeping long stretches! I’m talking 11pm-6am then another stretch from 6:30-8:30am.


And, we seem to have a bit of a routine going. Once he wakes up, he eats, gets time on his play mat, eats again, and naps. That gets us through till about anywhere from 12-4 pm. The afternoons and evenings are still up in the air- once Tyler gets home (and the dogs bark and inevitably wake him up) he will vary between lots of feedings, being carried around, ergo baby naps, the floor…you name it. At night, we top him off with a bottle and he’s out. He’s still only on breastmilk too. You’re welcome for sharing.

Wes loves staring at all the toys on his playmat. I’ve rearranged them a few times and he still has a favorite (the owl.aka: there is a lot of hoots made in our house now). He loves finding the brightest thing in the room and staring at it. Or staring at the wall because that’s equally interesting.


He LOVES being on his changing table. I usually spend a few minutes playing with him before we attend to his ‘business’ and another few minutes afterwards. He gets pretty chatty and kicks a lot. Most of the time when he’s on the table, I’ll FaceTime with my mom and dad so they can see him.

He now hates getting dressed (now I know he’s my kid!). Most of his clothes are 3 months, but some of them are even 6 months- depending on the brand. He’s in size 2 diapers and absolutely FILLS them multiple times a day. And by FILL I mean you can hold him up and the diaper will just about fall off of him it’s so heavy.


He loves his baths, but doesn’t like getting out of the bath. He loves to punch me in the chest when I’m feeding him *I do not love this*. He loves sitting on our lap and facing the tv. Especially if Game of Thrones is on. He loves when I squeeze his cheeks (the ones on his face). And he loves blowing bubbles. Or drooling on us. A lot.

I think he’s now starting to recognize me- he will be crying in his crib in the morning and when I finally come in, he’ll smile and maybe even giggle. Probably not because he loves me, but because he knows he’s about 2 seconds away from the boob.


We’ve been doing tummy time and he’s not a super fan, but he’s strong enough that he got the hang of it after about 3 tries. And by strong, I mean STRONG. Those punches to my chest? Not comfortable. And he can kick something fierce. Fingers crossed this transfers to athleticism as he ages and potentially a scholarship? One can hope. College is ‘spensive.

We’ve found that he’s really asleep when we’re holding him ONLY if his mouth is open and/or he takes one of those deep quiver breaths. Then we’re good to put him down and enjoy anywhere between 4 seconds to 4 hours of freedom. HE HAS AN OLD MAN BUTT. It’s probably my favorite thing ever. That and his big cheeks/small chin/no neck combo.

When he had a cold a few weeks ago, he did NOT like it when I put the saline up his nose and sucked out snot. Now, he laughs when I do it. Weirdo baby. If he doesn’t have a large feed, he’ll often fall asleep on my lap on his side and look like he’s posing for Playgirl. I discourage this as a potential career path.


We got his first Canadian passport. (American one will get done as soon as we actually receive the Canadian one and make an appt at the US Consulate office). He naps when I take him on walks but wakes as soon as I get back to our driveway. HOW DOES HE KNOW?!!


He makes a fist with his thumb between his fingers like he’s got your nose. So obviously, he won’t fall for it when I attempt to get his nose when he’s older. Drats. He has big feet. He throws gang signs like a boss. He loves to stick his tongue out and coo. And sometimes we can see his neck when he coos because he works really hard at it.

He’ll turn his head to follow things. He sleeps with his arms out or over his head. I laugh every time I check him out on the monitor. He’s a good multitasker. Ok, maybe not that good, but he CAN eat and poop at the same time. He barfs a lot. Once it even got up my shorts. Talk about gross.

I think that just about covers the majority of his happenings this month. Tomorrow he gets his first round of shots! #bigboy

If you missed his one month update, you can read it here

Wes Arlo- One Month

Wes One month

Time flies when you don’t sleep (no it doesn’t, but time sure did fly with this kid. I can’t believe he has been on the outside for a whole month!)

I think I’m mostly writing this post for my own future reference, so deal with it..

Likes: staring at the wall over his change table, staring at the blinds in the living room, pooping, having his face tickled, eating, being held

Dislikes: having gas, having clothes put over his head, being swaddled

We’re lucky and only tried to have him sleep in our room the first night he was home. We quickly realized he was great in his crib so long as he was immediately attended to when hungry or needed a change. I sleep facing the monitor in our room and watch it LIKE.A.HAWK.


Currently, he weighs 10 1/2 lbs and measures 23 inches (had him checked out at the doctor today)

At an appointment two days ago, they advised he was gaining about 59 g/day (recommended is 20-30/day) So basically I am feeding him liquid gold.

He’s already grown out of his newborn onesies (TEAR) and wears mostly 3 month clothes.

His feet and hands are HUGE.

His eyes are still blue but I’m rooting for them to turn brown. I’m also rooting for him to be a lefty like his mama.

He is strong. Like, kicks you in the gut strong (legs). Punch you in the chest strong (arms). Bite your nipples off strong (mouth). RUDE.


He eats like a champ. He coos when he sleeps. He doesn’t flinch when the dogs bark. He laughs when he farts in the tub (gets that from his mama). He throws his hands up in the air when he sleeps like he has an ingenious idea. He hates being swaddled. He loves the birdie and owl on his play mat. He loves riding in the car.


He has a widows peak (do those go away?) He has brown hair, but it’s golden blonde in the sunlight. He doesn’t mind when I drop crumbs of my protein bar in his face when we are up for feedings at night. He can ALMOST roll over. He makes some seriously crazy facial expressions.


He loves crapping in fresh diapers. He farts louder than most adults. HE HAS DIMPLES. He sleeps in his crib with his arms over his head.

Layla loves the crap out of him. Reggie doesn’t give a crap about him.


PS: I got cleared to workout!