Wesley Arlo- 5 Months

I’m glad to say it..this month went by nice and slow. GOOD. DON’T GROW UP BABY. I think Wes grew way too much this month and I don’t like it one bit. I super cry when I see some newborn photos because I can’t believe just how teeny tiny he used to be. But, I do love to see him learn new things as he grows and he is definitely coming into his own personality.

wesarlo-5 months

Since we’re in NY, I obviously can’t take his 5 month pics with his bear, but this Mickey is just about the same size. Either way…you can really tell he’s grown!

New developments: He’s started grabbing things on his own with both hands. This includes my hair, my earrings, my boobs…He blows raspberries ALL THE TIME. I think he loves the trick, but that combined with his excessive drooling means the guy goes through a zillion bibs every day. The downside from all the drool? He now has infant eczema on his cheeks, chin, neck and chest. It comes and goes in severity and I try my best to keep it dry as much as possible. I also use cream (trying to avoid using the steroid given by the doctor).


On Sept 4th, we introduced a bit of rice cereal into his nighttime bottle (Still breastmilk). Sept 5th he grabbed his toes for the first time and on Sept 10th he rolled over from his back to front (I didn’t witness this- my parents did. I am BUMMED.) Yesterday (Sept 14th) we gave him his first real food- pureed sweet potato! He loved it even though he only probably swallowed about 1.5 tsp of it.


I’m not so sure he was a victim of the 4 month sleep regression, but he was a bit more difficult to put down on some nights- he gets overtired and fussy and will wake up as we put him in his crib. So a few times we’ve had to resort to letting him cry it out until he falls back asleep, which only lasts about 5 minutes. His bed time bottle can be up to 10 oz plus a small extra feeding (Which tells me he’s probably ready for solids..the boy likes his food!)

He giggles and smiles ALL THE TIME. He loves to stare at new surroundings and lets out loud sighs with every yawn. (Oh-mah-gawdddd baby yawns are the BEST).

He’s almost outgrown his infant carseat- last time I weighed him he was 19ish pounds- since the straps are starting to be too tight.

He had his first airplane ride! (Sept 8th) I got a picture of him with the pilot AND made sure to get a pair of wings 🙂


He wears size 3 diapers during the day and 4s at night (although, now that I’m typing this, I’m pretty sure he can be in 4s all the time. Because: THIGHS.) He still loves his baths and even grips the sides of the tub when we try to take him out. And he splashes a lot. My mom got a few baths herself from his splashing!

He’s getting a bit more hair on his head which is covering some of his cradle cap nicely..

He stretches all the time. He wants to be moving all the time. He babbles ALL THE TIME.

I usually let him babble in his crib for about 10-15 minutes before I get him every morning. He loves watching Reggie and focuses on anything that’s red.


(For some reason I can’t get this photo to rotate, so tilt your head to the right)

He now watches us eat food and genuinely looks sad that he can’t have whatever we’re having.

He naps about 3-4 times a day. 3 naps are about 30-45 minutes and his late afternoon nap is anywhere from 1-2 hours.

He starting to try to sit up on his own- he’s not fully there yet, but it’s great to see that his back is getting stronger! He enjoys tummy time and can turn his head from side to side, but shows no interest in pushing himself up (he has superman arms and likes to keep them straight with his palms back).


Overall, he is the happiest, healthiest, giggliest, cutest, most sociable (insert a ton of other positive traits here) baby ever and I am so lucky to be the mama that gets to hang with him 24/7!

And if you’re questioning the ‘giggliest’ part, it’s because he immediately turns on his serious face as soon as I get the phone/camera out. Or eat crackers.


15 thoughts on “Wesley Arlo- 5 Months

  1. Agh he is soooo adorable. And he is totally starting to look more like you now than when he was a wee little tot. 🙂 Happy 5 months Wes! I love how he is serious in all of the pictures. I think I will need to move Quinn into Size 4’s soon too. She has thunda thighs like her momma 😉

  2. He is so adorable! And I totally think he is starting to look more like you now 🙂 Quinn also will need to move to 4’s soon. She has thunda thighs like her momma 😉

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