Wes Arlo- One Month

Wes One month

Time flies when you don’t sleep (no it doesn’t, but time sure did fly with this kid. I can’t believe he has been on the outside for a whole month!)

I think I’m mostly writing this post for my own future reference, so deal with it..

Likes: staring at the wall over his change table, staring at the blinds in the living room, pooping, having his face tickled, eating, being held

Dislikes: having gas, having clothes put over his head, being swaddled

We’re lucky and only tried to have him sleep in our room the first night he was home. We quickly realized he was great in his crib so long as he was immediately attended to when hungry or needed a change. I sleep facing the monitor in our room and watch it LIKE.A.HAWK.


Currently, he weighs 10 1/2 lbs and measures 23 inches (had him checked out at the doctor today)

At an appointment two days ago, they advised he was gaining about 59 g/day (recommended is 20-30/day) So basically I am feeding him liquid gold.

He’s already grown out of his newborn onesies (TEAR) and wears mostly 3 month clothes.

His feet and hands are HUGE.

His eyes are still blue but I’m rooting for them to turn brown. I’m also rooting for him to be a lefty like his mama.

He is strong. Like, kicks you in the gut strong (legs). Punch you in the chest strong (arms). Bite your nipples off strong (mouth). RUDE.


He eats like a champ. He coos when he sleeps. He doesn’t flinch when the dogs bark. He laughs when he farts in the tub (gets that from his mama). He throws his hands up in the air when he sleeps like he has an ingenious idea. He hates being swaddled. He loves the birdie and owl on his play mat. He loves riding in the car.


He has a widows peak (do those go away?) He has brown hair, but it’s golden blonde in the sunlight. He doesn’t mind when I drop crumbs of my protein bar in his face when we are up for feedings at night. He can ALMOST roll over. He makes some seriously crazy facial expressions.


He loves crapping in fresh diapers. He farts louder than most adults. HE HAS DIMPLES. He sleeps in his crib with his arms over his head.

Layla loves the crap out of him. Reggie doesn’t give a crap about him.


PS: I got cleared to workout!

27 thoughts on “Wes Arlo- One Month

  1. He’s a handsome dude! I think Quinn is going to be left handed. She favours it when she’s on her playmat at batting around at the toys.

  2. He’s so flipping cute!!
    I don’t think widows peaks go away. He looks like his dad! Sounds like he is just like you though 😉

    Yay for being able to workout again! Take it easy though.

  3. So cute!! Time does fly, just wait!! I love the widows peak! YAY for getting cleared to workout! It’s a good feeling.

  4. He is so stinking cute! You’re doing a great job, lady!!
    And yay for getting cleared to workout! I’m willing to bet it’ll help even more with the emotional side of new mommyhood than anything else.

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