Barfing in my mouth

I kind of barfed in my mouth when I walked into the kitchen this morning. I was grossly dirty. HOW did I let it get that bad?! I must have spent 2 hours cleaning the fridge out (DANG I let some stuff get bad in there.) After that and laundry and general house-pickup, I had to light a bunch of candles and just sit. But then the dog started getting all whiney on me.

And that, my friends, is when I remembered how much I hate cold weather.


(Also, this is what you will look like when you practically never put makeup on anymore.)

But my friggin’ dog loves this not so lovely weather. I mean, I get the whole opposites attract thing- that’s how Tyler and I work so well- but this dog/me situation is just not cool.


She was wagging her butt more than usual today. And rolling in the wet grass. And kept looking back at me with a huge doggie smile. Pffff.

Ok, let’s talk some stuff. No, I’ll talk and you listen. Comment if you’re so inclined.

I read this article today. And then I realized, holy crap I like never wash my bras. (I never really wear them anymore anyways, but that’s beside the point)  I used to wait till I drove home to my parents and have my mom wash them, but now I can’t be bothered. K, you can chime in now about this- do you wash your bras? I will be especially intrigued if any guys answer this.

I also saw these cookies on my Reader this morning and was determined to make them ASAP. Oh but wait, here in Canada, Thanksgiving is BEFORE Halloween. Ugh, I guess I’ll just have to make these beforehand. That’s more Thanksgiving-y.

It’s photos like these that make me happy that Tyler and I opted out of engagement photos. I honestly think even the ‘normal’ one are pretty cheesy, but that’s just me. I have a whole mouthful of things I can say about this whole wedding thing (and it’s all my opinion, mmk?!) I thing going formal is too cookie cutter. I think the ‘cutting of the cake’ and other designated events are so stuffy. I think it’s retarded how expensive flowers and photographers are. Obviously the booze is $$ but that’s what I WANT. It’s a party, people. I think the only traditional thing about my wedding is the dress. Only because I wanted lace. And when you go to bridal shops, lace= super wedding-y. But yeah,  I guarantee you I will be putting ice down my back to keep cool, and I’ll probably do a few planks or pushups on the dance floor. Did I mention the open bar? Ok, I’m done with the wedding rant. I just see all this wedding stuff on the internet and it drives me batty how cray cray other people get into it all. I pretty much planned mine in 2 weeks in August. And it’s not until next July. BOOM.

That said, I’m off to the gym for a sweaty session on the treadmill/upper body/core workout.

Another busy day for the unemployed

Hi there, ho there!

Today started bright and early. I had to first enjoy my breakfast (coconut oats- same as yesterday) the really jump the gun. I put together a lasagna, salad and bread for friends of ours that just had a baby. I wanted to help them out in the only way I know how- with food. I tried to make some no bake cookies, but they hadn’t hardened in time, so I whipped by Crave to pick up a couple of cupcakes with pink frosting 😉

My lunch was a weird combo- 3 hard boiled egg whites and leftover couscous with corn. Super random, I know.

Let’s get to the BEST part of the day: my workout.

Awww, look at that pretty stationary. I felt like a nerdo carrying that around in the gym. So here’s how it breaks down:

10 minute warmup (I did the elliptical with HIIT intervals)

10 pushups
60 second plank
10 pushups
60 second plank

10 deadman burpees (seen here)
Jump rope tabata
10 deadman burpees

20 curtsy lunge w/high knee (each side)
50 second wall sit
20 weighted wide lunges (each side)
50 second wall sit

20 mountain climbers
Jumping jack tabata
20 mountain climbers

30 leg lifts
40 second pilates pulse
30 bicycle crunches
40 weighted hip raises

30 high knees (each side)
heel jump tabata
30 high knees (each side)

one legged bicep curl (resting one leg on a stability ball (3 sets of 12)
tricep extensions (3 sets of 12) option: sitting on stability ball
chest press and fly combo while bridging on he stability ball

8 jackknives
8 pikes
8 jackknives
8 pikes

While bridging on the ball, 10 overhead shoulder extensions, 10 russian twists. repeat 2 times.

10 minute cardio (another HIIT interval on the elliptical)

There ya have it, folks. That was one hell of a workout- especially if you’re go-go-go like me and really limit your breaks or break times.

Tyler was pulling in the driving just as I was walking home from the gym so I really had to act quick to get him dinner. Two words of praise for his meal

1) Thank you to whoever invented leftovers.

2) Another thanks to whoever thought of  the defrost button on the microwave.

Since I wasn’ too hungry, I also used the defrost button for my snack:

We ate while watching the LAST Harry Potter movie. EIGHT HP movies in EIGHT days. Woof. Now we will have to find another series to work on….. (I have Mad Men, but that’s my day time TV 😉 )

Once the movie was over, Tyler pulled a good boyfriend  card and went to Subway while I showered so that I could have my ‘second’ dinner.

Turkey breast with banana peppers, peppers, tomatoes, olives, and cucumbers. I took half of it out of the to-go container, and saved the rest for tomorrow’s lunch. 10 points for Tyler, everybody. Hip hip….. (this is where you say Hooray).

Oh, and the Easter package from my parents arrived today. I finally got my Girl Scout Cookies!

Too bad I swore off sweets the other day after my dismal weigh in. Just to get myself back on track, though. Into the freezer they go!

In addition to these lovely boxes of minty goodness, came this little bobble bunny

Hmmm, what else have I done today? Oh yeah, registered for one of my Graduate classes. Boo hiss. The optimist’s argument would say it’s one step closer to completion. True, but it’s also a buttload of homework during my first summer in Calgary. Ho hum.

Another random (read: dangerous) note: So, I was putting some dishes away yesterday morning that were left out on the dry rack. You know, the ones where you stack plates and pots and pans to see how many can really balance, and there’s a small little spot in the front to hold alllll those pieces of silverware. Given the logistics of how the utensils and such were placed, and the height of the cupboard door, well, bad things can only happen. I open the door, the door hits the cookie sheet, the cookie sheet hits the utensils, the utensils fall towards me to the floor. In that group of utensils: sharp knives. Me: in pajamas. One sharp knive got me. I won’t say exactly where, but it was below my belly button and above the knee.

I. thought. I. was. going. to. die.

But I didn’t, and now have a strategically placed scar. SWEET. (not sweet).

Last random bit: I miss living close to my parents because I never wash my own bras. That’s something I always left for mom. Ugh, another thing I am going to have to learn.

TMI tonight? Nah. Bet you chuckled though. 😉