Tuesday Time Out Corner

These are confessions. Or ‘truths’ if you will.

1. My goal for this week was to get all my workouts done in the morning. Technically, it is morning until 12 noon. So, I slept in until 10 this morning then went to the gym.

*Sidenote: I did the day 2 workout from Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp and it was a killer! 40 minutes to get through 3 sets of  3 lower body supersets plus a 20 minute steady-state pace on the bike. Might try to incorporate some of these moves in bootcamp tonight..

2. I ate skittles today.

3. Cleaning my ears with q-tips. Every time I get out of the shower. Is that weird?

4. Sometimes I don’t wash all my dishes with soap and water. If I just used a bowl to hold some grapes, does it really need to get scrubbed? No.

5. I have been creepy on instagram lately. I see people’s pictures on my feed; then I see who has liked their pictures; then I click on those people’s names and check out their pictures. Free country. (Does that apply to Canada? Meh, I’m still an American citizen so I’ll say it anyways.) Oh, and if you want- my instagram name is nutcaseinpoint. You can creep on me. Maybe say hi. Or like one of my pictures.

6. Since we started watching Sons of Anarchy, I have had dreams every night that I am running from bad guys. Or blowing up houses. Or selling guns.

7. I’m not a candle person. But, I am totally obsessed with the Tyler candles I bought about a month ago. Did you hear that, Tyler candles? I LOVE your product. Want to send this unemployed American in Canada some free candles? I will totally promo it for you.

8. When I am doing cardio, I usually count the beat of my music on my fingers. People on the ellipticals or treadmills next to me must think I have a nervous tic.

9. I am OBSESSED with grapefruit this week.

10. I am going to make this soon.

11. And this.

12. 25 days till I see my friends in Boston <3<3<3<3<3

13. Speaking of Boston, I called Canadian customs today to make sure I can come back into the country without a problem. They said yes. Phew.

14. I don’ think anyone loves margaritas more than me. In national tequila day and I have no one to celebrate with. Because it’s Tuesday and people WORK. Now that’s just silly.

15. Every time I have a really good workout, I wonder why I didn’t have this much dedication towards fitness in college. Even though I was on the volleyball team. Oh right, refer to #14.

16. I am looking for anyone who would like to guest post on nutcaseinpoint. I’ll be in the States for 2 1/2 weeks and probably will be loving life too much to post as frequently. Any takers? Email me at jtougas77 at gmail dot com.

Just Givin’ Advice

Long time no talk, I know. Just been too consumed in this little thing called life. First off, I’d like to inform you of a burning issue. And literally, it’s burning.


Cringe. Laugh. Scowl. Whichever of your choosing. Maybe sympathize?

I did an insane workout yesterday. 40 minutes of kickboxing in a back room with no fan (still wondering why I never opened the window) can really get you sweating! I rounded off the workout with some upper body and ab work on the stability ball.

Today’s workout is still TBA. I’ve jotted down a few things and starred some online workouts, so it might be one ginormous mash up of sweaty goodness.

Like this


I suppose I also have to take Layla for a walk as well. She wasn’t too impressed with me this morning.


Whoa. Three pictures of me in one post. I’m overwhelmed.

3 bits of advice and I’m off to get ish done:

1)Throw a bottle of Corona in the blender the next time you’re making margies. It’s seriously good. (disclaimer: I meant pour the contents of the bottle in the blender. If you actually throw in the bottle, you may be enjoying those drinks in the emergency room.)

2)Wear eye cream. Doesn’t matter how old you are. The stuff is awesome. Makes your skin soft, less wrinkly, and….makes you look awake! No more raccoon eyes, no more making up lies you were in a cat fight and got a black eye…none of that!


3)Follow me on Twitter. And Instagram. @nutcaseinpoint. Do it and you might get a prize! 😉

Now I gotta go do things so I can be important and write about it later!

Anybody have advice they’d like to share?

Things I’m loving

Today has been B to the USY! I spent a ton of time trying to complete an application for the immigration office, then when it came time to pay, their server was down so I had to go to the bank, have them issue me a receipt of payment, scan it to my computer and upload that in addition to the application. They are just trying to make this as difficult as possible for me!!

I got my credit card today! Ok, it’s really Tyler’s, but I got a copy with my name on it. HOLLA!

I bought more dog food, and a special pack of treats for Layla…they’re locally made!


I also finally stopped in Cobs Bread and got a loaf of Chia Whole Wheat Bread.


Grocery store for the essentials.

And I still have to finish the laundry, clean the kitchen, cook dinner and get to the gym.
Text conversation with mom this morning sums it up:


Let’s move on to things I’m loving this week:


Follow me @nutcaseinpoint !!!

2) Walks with Layla all around Calgary


3) My left ring finger.

4) Weighted Split Squats.



5) Benefit ultra shine lip gloss in nookie-nookie (thanks, Kysh!)


6) This commercial
Haha, honestly I can’t stop laughing at it. Please clink on the link to watch it. Maybe I’m on a guac n sals high, but it’s funny.

7) Saying “Boom Shakalaka” for no apparent reason.

What are you guys loving this week?