Weekly Photo Dump…a day late!

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Small Shoppin’ MintedLane

Hey friends, happy Thursday! Today I am super excited to share one of my latest favorite small shops..MintedLane!


MintedLane makes custom teething necklaces that are stylish, functional and baby-safe! 

I had seen MintedLane online via Instagram, other blogs and Etsy and recently decided to take the plunge to buy some of her product for myself! (Ok, maybe it’s for Wes too? So that made it easier to buy😉 )


I had messaged Cheeky with my color requests and she was very quick in her responses and super accommodating. In my opinion, there is nothing better than prompt and friendly service- especially when you’re doing everything online!


The colors came just as I had anticipated and the beads are nice and soft (silicone) to touch which is perfect for little baby hands and teeth. Not to mention stylish for mamas!

I chose the Sophie (left) and the Averie (right).

What makes me even happier- the bangle actually fits over my fist! I was really happy with my design and color choices because the pieces can work with a lot of what I already have in my wardrobe.

Wes seems to enjoy them too! Purchase= success!




Good news–> Cheeky has generously offered you guys 20% off minimum orders of $10 with the coupon code JEN20 which is valid until Sunday, Dec 20.

I highly encourage you to go take a look at her shop and maybe even pick out a piece or two for yourself or any mamas/soon-to-be mamas you know! Thanks again, Cheeky!