Shop Small- Bubbles & Balms

Happy hump day! I’ve got a great small shop to share with you today- Bubbles & Balms.


About the shop: All Bubbles & Balms products are 100% natural, which we define as organic and inorganic materials derived from nature without the addition of synthetics. We hand make all our products at our store in Claresholm, AB. We [Justin and Judith] are partners in business, but also in life and love. We opened our doors in December of 2014 and greatly enjoy meeting new people who are passionate about living life as naturally as they can.

I first came across Bubbles & Balms at the Spruce Meadows Christmas market this past year. Wes was getting antsy so I didn’t have much time to browse, but I did manage to snag a few bars of their soaps. I’m glad I did, because they’ve been the best soaps I’ve ever purchased (no joke). Even after showering, applying lotion and sometimes even walking the dogs, I can still smell the scent of whichever bar I’ve used lingering on my skin. It’s not overwhelming, but just gentle enough to remind me I’m clean (and cinnamon-y…depending on the bar).


Recently, B&B created their own website so you can have access to their products no matter where you are! I saw the launch online and got really excited. Not only because I have enjoyed the soaps so much, but also because they’re local!

In addition to soaps, they offer an extension of bath, body, baby, aromatherapy and men’s products. There’s even workshops you can attend and other DIY stuff! So basically, lots.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Justin & Judith (basically praising their soaps and cheersing the new site) and before I knew it, a package of the entire baby line was on my doorstep!


Wes is a lucky little boy to be able to try these out…but he’s not the only one! I’ve also used some of the bath oil and I gotta say, it’s super soothing and leaves our skin nice and soft. I *almost* don’t need to put lotion on afterwards, but do out of habit. I really liked how the scent was extremely gentle so it went unnoticed by Wes, but I still felt indulgent during my own baths (now if only it came in bubble form, I’m sure Wes would lose his mind with glee!)





I’m not one to use baby powder (something about babies inhaling it?) but I tried this stuff out- you know, being all-natural and all- and I really loved how good of a job it did on diffusing the dirtiest of diaper smells. Ew, I know. It was nice as a little moisture absorber as well when I try to get him dressed as quickly as possible after a bath when he’s all shivery!


He’s also been pretty good in the butt department lately, so I almost thought I wouldn’t need to use the butt butter. But, (see what I did there?) he did have a reddish hiney last week so I broke some out! I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the solid turned into a creamy, smooth texture once it was applied to his skin.

I think he liked it, too.




Last up, the skin spray. We’ve still not used it, but it smells amazing! It’s good for not only diaper rash, but for sunburn relief so I will keep it handy if ever we get a bit too much sun šŸ™‚




I’ve been really enjoying using these products because I know they’re not harmful on Wes’s skin and they smell so darn good! I’ll often just soak up the second-hand effects of it by sniffing on his head after bath time I love it so much. PS: It’s not weird to always sniff your kid, right??


Big thank you to Justin & Judith! Be sure to check out their site, visit their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram too.. I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy šŸ™‚

My August Bulu Box is Here!

I lied last night. Not only do I have to mop the floors today, but I have TWO dates with furnace guys! Woo hoo! And since I know NOTHING about furnaces, other than they keep me warm, Tyler typed up a list of questions that I am just supposed to hand to these guys for quotes. Should be interesting.

But what I’m reaaaaally posting about is something I have been waiting for for about a month. And it came yesterday!

A box! Not just any box…..

Bulu Box!!!!!!!

What it is: Bulu Box sends out boxes filled with 4-5 premium vitamin and supplements samples each month for $10. Inside each box, is information on each product, as well as discounts towards full-size products.

What did I get this month?

A couple of new goodies, and one familiar one! First up, the Shower Pill

It’s an antibacterial athletic body wipe. So, when you wanna squeeze in that workout before work (or a hot date- I have TOTALLY done this in the past. We never got past the first date- probably because I stank to high heavens) this is the perfect product for you. Often times, IĀ want to be able to save time and shower at the gym after a great workout (I will never skip a workout for anything. ANY.THING.) but I don’t want to lug a big ‘ol towel and all the toiletries that make me smell all good. It’s too much work. And I don’t want to stuff a gross wet towel back in my Lulu bag. I am totally taking the Shower Pill with me to the gym in the near future. Gotta test this puppy out!

Next up, Immuno-viva. As it says: Extreme Energy + Immune Support. I got two packets of this in my box, so I gave one a whirl yesterday.

I loved the flavor, and I definitely felt the energy boost, but I got a tummy ache afterwards. Not sure if it was because of this product, so I am going to try the other packet at a different part of the day next time to see if it yields the same effects.

Vplenish, a taste-free vitamin boost you can mix or sprinkle on just about anything! I got 4 packets of these and haven’t tried it yet. I am thinking I will pour a packet in my next smoothie. Definitely an interesting product if you hate swallowing pills.

Well here’s a familiar product! Click! Dubbed “The Coffee Lovers Protein Drink” And yes, yes it is. In fact, since I found out they don’t deliver to Canada, I had a bunch sent to my parents house, and this is how I carried it back to Calgary with me

It’s like chocolate cocaine as far as the TSA is concerned. I love this stuff. LOVE IT. I have drank it hot, cold, in smoothies, oats, muffins, you name it. I highly recommend you try this product- you will get addicted. Chelsea, I know how much you love coffee, so here’s my nudge to you! Gahhh, I have a whole canister AND a sample pack now- do I smell a giveaway? šŸ˜‰

Last, but not least, Probulin. “The All-in-one Digestive Pill.” Hey, I’ll give it a try. I won a Ā 6 month sample of Align a couple of years ago and it did absolutely nothing-when my digestion was at its worst. Now, I think I have a better handle on what I can and cannot eat to keep my stomach happy, but I am happy to try another product to see what effects it might have!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bulu Box for existing. And for sending it to me in Canada. I am one happy lady. Can’t wait for next month’s box!