TRX class

Hola, people of the world.

I just thought I’d write a quickie on my TRX class last night. It’s going to be pretty basic, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

We did  5 minute warm up (well, I told them it was a warm up..we really did a lot of side lunges while holding the ropes, and some arm stretching)

We did the next 10 moves for 1 minute each with a 45-60 second recovery (3 sets of this before moving to the next exercise):

  1. Hip press
  2. Suspended Lunge (3x on each leg)
  3. Chest press
  4. Single Arm Row (3x each arm)
  5. Atomic pushup
  6. Back row
  7. Ab rollout
  8. Suspended knee tucks
  9. Tricep Extensions
  10. Bicep Curls

Sounds simple with only 10 moves, but you’re doing them for a significant amount of time. And yes, you’ll be shaking by the end of it.

I managed to get to the gym way early before teaching this class, so I squeezed in a 20 minutes spin session. It was a great way to break a sweat before teaching (Even though I still felt pretty crappy)

Oh, and then when my class thought they were done, I had them get down on all four on their mats and do a few sets of the Dirty Dog (I call them fire hydrants- and contrary to the video I linked, I had the class hold the move at the top of their range of motion for a niiiiiiice loooooong tiiiiiiime). Bwahaha. I saw a few waddling out of the studio after that.

Very sore. Very awesome.

I started this book today:



Already pretty far into that sucker, it’s an easy and fun read.

A few things before I go:

1. I won a Kombucha Home Brewing Kit from Lauren over at Oatmeal after Spinning! Woooo hoooo! Check out her blog, she has lots of cool things going on over there 🙂

2. I got my Bulu Box the other day. Since I have been sick, I really haven’t gotten myself to try any of the goodies, but as soon as I do, I’ll make sure to post! (One of them is Birthday Cake Whey Protein…cannot wait to try that!)

3. Since we’re all sick in this house, I made a run to the store for chicken noodle soup and the fixing for grilled cheese. I think things will start looking up pretty soon.

Talk to ya later!

My August Bulu Box is Here!

I lied last night. Not only do I have to mop the floors today, but I have TWO dates with furnace guys! Woo hoo! And since I know NOTHING about furnaces, other than they keep me warm, Tyler typed up a list of questions that I am just supposed to hand to these guys for quotes. Should be interesting.

But what I’m reaaaaally posting about is something I have been waiting for for about a month. And it came yesterday!

A box! Not just any box…..

Bulu Box!!!!!!!

What it is: Bulu Box sends out boxes filled with 4-5 premium vitamin and supplements samples each month for $10. Inside each box, is information on each product, as well as discounts towards full-size products.

What did I get this month?

A couple of new goodies, and one familiar one! First up, the Shower Pill

It’s an antibacterial athletic body wipe. So, when you wanna squeeze in that workout before work (or a hot date- I have TOTALLY done this in the past. We never got past the first date- probably because I stank to high heavens) this is the perfect product for you. Often times, I want to be able to save time and shower at the gym after a great workout (I will never skip a workout for anything. ANY.THING.) but I don’t want to lug a big ‘ol towel and all the toiletries that make me smell all good. It’s too much work. And I don’t want to stuff a gross wet towel back in my Lulu bag. I am totally taking the Shower Pill with me to the gym in the near future. Gotta test this puppy out!

Next up, Immuno-viva. As it says: Extreme Energy + Immune Support. I got two packets of this in my box, so I gave one a whirl yesterday.

I loved the flavor, and I definitely felt the energy boost, but I got a tummy ache afterwards. Not sure if it was because of this product, so I am going to try the other packet at a different part of the day next time to see if it yields the same effects.

Vplenish, a taste-free vitamin boost you can mix or sprinkle on just about anything! I got 4 packets of these and haven’t tried it yet. I am thinking I will pour a packet in my next smoothie. Definitely an interesting product if you hate swallowing pills.

Well here’s a familiar product! Click! Dubbed “The Coffee Lovers Protein Drink” And yes, yes it is. In fact, since I found out they don’t deliver to Canada, I had a bunch sent to my parents house, and this is how I carried it back to Calgary with me

It’s like chocolate cocaine as far as the TSA is concerned. I love this stuff. LOVE IT. I have drank it hot, cold, in smoothies, oats, muffins, you name it. I highly recommend you try this product- you will get addicted. Chelsea, I know how much you love coffee, so here’s my nudge to you! Gahhh, I have a whole canister AND a sample pack now- do I smell a giveaway? 😉

Last, but not least, Probulin. “The All-in-one Digestive Pill.” Hey, I’ll give it a try. I won a  6 month sample of Align a couple of years ago and it did absolutely nothing-when my digestion was at its worst. Now, I think I have a better handle on what I can and cannot eat to keep my stomach happy, but I am happy to try another product to see what effects it might have!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bulu Box for existing. And for sending it to me in Canada. I am one happy lady. Can’t wait for next month’s box!