Single Arm Hang Snatch…that exercise name just makes me laugh

Today was CRAZY busy. As crazy busy as it can get for an unemployed immigrant such as myself.

  • I cleaned
  • I cooked
  • I cleaned some more
  • I did homework
  • I searched for wedding venues
  • I called American insurance billing companies because my former employer in the statesĀ stillĀ hasn’t fixed my claims
  • I worked out
  • I played with the dog
  • I cleaned even more

Let’s get in to more detail: I cleaned the bathrooms and almost threw up. I rearranged the bed in our room and found KitKat wrappers and a bra under the bed. Weird. I read about Consumer Behavior (as if I haven’t taken enough courses on this topic in Undergrad). I sent tons of emails to venues to see if they’re available for the date we want. I got put on hold on my long distance phone calls, only to have no resolution. I did a killer sweaty workout. I smacked the dog around a bit (and by ‘smacked’ I mean I pet her and played with her toy and carried her around like a baby). I mopped the kitchen floor.


Lemme fill you in on this killer workout.

I started like this:

Layla and I were ready to get our sweat on. And get our sweat on we did.

The exercises:

  • 5 pushups
  • 10 tuck jumps
  • 15 situps
  • 20 squats

Repeat 10 times through for time.

My time:

And I ended up looking like this

And since I felt obligated to work it a little more, I did this:

  • 12 bicep curls
  • 12 lateral raises
  • 12 hammer curls
  • 12 single arm hang snatch (for each arm)—-> seriously, I chuckled for a good 5 min when I typed this
  • 12 dumbbell punches (L+R=1)

And now it is time to shower and situate myself on the stability ball for a little ab action while watching The Bachelorette!

*Note: I hate the show, and I really don’t care for the actual Bachelorette, but I love to watch how chee-ee-eesy those boys can get. Does anyone else get really bothered by Emily’s mouth? Her teeth are weird.