Small Shop Love (& DISCOUNTS!)

Hey guys! WHOA. Do I have some good stuff to share with you today! (and pay attention- there will be discount codes!!) There are quite a few small shops that I have loved working with lately and I just wanted to … Continue reading

Parker & Posie [+ a GIVEAWAY!]

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week. We’ve been enjoying some time outdoors with the warmer temps. Had a bit of a mini crisis the other night when I clumsily spilled a ton of water all over my Macbook, but it seems to be in working order now. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Moving on..


A while back, I was wandering around Instagram and came across Parker & Posie. Jaimie, the woman behind the shop, hand makes the most gorgeous baby shoes and I desperately needed to get my hands on a pair! (She also just so happens to be located in Calgary, so it’s a great #supportlocal win).




The shoes come with either a fleece or flannelette lining, depending on the time of year, and elastic around the back to keep them on little babes feet. You also have a color choice for the suede bottoms as well as top covers- so they’ll completely customizable.


I waited for some time before placing my order because Wes was growing like a weed and I wanted to make sure I’d have a size that lasted. When I did finally order a pair, I opted for the Golden Harvest print (seen above). But really, she has so many adorable prints it’s hard to narrow it down!

As luck would have it, Jaimie sent us TWO pairs! The teal optical print is great, and both are pretty gender neutral…for IF we have a girl in the future 🙂


What I love best about these shoes is that they actually fit Wes’s feet. He has a pretty high arch and non-existent ankles (due to chub) so it’s been a struggle to find anything warm that would actually make it onto his foot comfortably.


The lining is nice and soft so he could wear them with or without socks. And the sole is sturdy enough for when he starts to walk (Gahhh..I don’t need this to happen any time soon!)


PLUS, they’re actually easy to get on. I have a few pairs of shoes from some major retailers that take either some serious grunt work to get on OR they end up looking really awkward on his feet. When that happens, I’m convinced he knows this is the case and he’ll grab at them.


Oh man, I can’t handle the cuteness.


Jaimie mentioned to me she was on the hunt for new prints, so I’m keeping on eye out. I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to gush over just about all of them.


Guess what? Jaimie has kindly offered to giveaway ONE pair of shoes to a lucky reader! This is open to US & Canadian residents and entries to the giveaway can be any- or all- of the following four options (leaving a separate comment in this post below for each entry completed):

  1. Visit Parker & Posie’s site and leave a comment telling me which print you’d choose!
  2. Like Nutcaseinpoint AND Parker & Posie on Facebook
  3. Follow nutcaseinpoint AND Parker & Posie on instagram
  4. Follow @nutcaseinpoint on twitter

Giveaway is open until Wednesday, February 17 at midnight (MST) and I’ll be checking to make sure your entry is valid before announcing the winner. Good luck!

Humpday Bumpday

Oh my gosh you guys, I ordered the baby’s coming home outfit last week and I can’t wait to share with you! That’ll have to wait until he decided to come OUT of my body though. Hint: His whole ensemble is bought from various small, local shops- even better!

Quick sidebar: I think all this resting at home is finally starting to pay off. My back is way more manageable now! Hopefully typing that didn’t just jinx myself. This big-ass bump, however, is starting to give me a bit of grief. 3 more weeks. I’ve done a couple of home workouts: some T25 videos (in super-modification mode) and some strength circuits including this one which has finally given me that sore lower body feeling that I’ve been craving.

Weird that I crave workout soreness? Yeah.


I really need to get out of the house. Or put makeup on once in a while just to feel normal. I’m doing you a favor by covering my face.


Ok, ok, ok, sidebar is over.

So, I wanted to share some baby-related things that I’m absolutely COVETING. Perhaps this will make you want them too. Or perhaps this will give you inspiration to be a good samaritan and send them my way. I’ll totally give you my address if that’s your intention. (Don’t worry, we have already got most of the big-ticket items, so these should be fairly easy on your wallet! 😉 )


First up: Leggings. I want to buy ALL the leggings. And not the retail store leggings. The handmade ones.


The leggings shown above can be found at (left to right) BabyBeans&Me, Tiny Threads, Vivie & Ash, BrikHOUSE, Alexandra Rose Handmade, BABYdeardotca

GOSH. I can’t get enough of them.

And then there are the SHOES. Tyler scoffs at me for lusting after all these things because he thinks the baby will grow out of them too fast and that it’s a waste of money. Um, dude, I am willing to forego my lululemon purchases for a while if it means my kid will be stylish. Thankyouverymuch. (OMG DID I JUST SAY I’D FOREGO LULULEMON? I need a drink very badly)


ParkerAndPosie, handmadetherapykids, Potato Feet, Freshly Picked, Wilde Woods, City Moccs

And I obviously need this hoodie


from Purl Lamb

And who can forget a tipi? (The baby’s room is small, but man oh man would I make room for one of these!)


from Modern Tipi

Among a few other things:


from fromtheseeds


swaddle blanket from Baby Elle Apparel

Ok I think it’s about time I rip myself away from the computer because I might just put us in debt if I keep ogling over all these goodies!!

Do you have any favorite baby goods?? Please share!