Humpday Bumpday

Well, we’re finally down to the single digit countdown of when this guy is supposed to be out.

photo 4-24

Phew. I can’t wait for him to get here but at the same time I’m freaking out that I have to take care of yet another living thing and I’m probably going to cry a lot. Can people please stop putting all the terrifying things on the internet about having a newborn? It’s scary!

The baby has been really spoiled AGAIN this week- Leigh and her baby girl Amelia stopped by and gifted us an awesome little surprise of goodies:

photo 1-45

AND we got a package from his Aunt & Uncle & Oma (Tyler’s mom)!

photo 2-44

(Can you tell I’m addicted to Netflix? I bring my laptop with me all around the house so I don’t miss a second!)

Just as I am typing this up, the delivery guy dropped off yet another package and to my surprise, it was a hand knit blanket from one of my brokers at work! Super thoughtful. I actually went on short term disability pretty unexpectedly and I never told any of my brokers that I was pregnant, so I’m sure it was a shock when they all of a sudden had a replacement. I’ll be back…it just won’t be until next April! 😉


OH…and the baby’s coming home outfit arrived as well! I’m not going to share just yet the exact outfit, but I did want to shout out to Kelly at Baby H Designs for doing a wonderful job on my order.


Her Etsy shop can be found here (Psst: she’s in Alberta which makes it even better!)

I found her shop during one of my super long Etsy window-shopping wormholes and loved her patterns, prices, AND that she was local. But I noticed that she only offered headbands (for headwear). I messaged her and asked if she could possibly whip up a top knot hat to match some leggings since I was having a boy and she did! When the package arrived, I was super pleased because the material is really comfy and you can tell it’s made with care. Please please please check out her shop and see all the cute things she has to offer!! (OMG the bubble shorts are the BEST and I want to wear a pair).

My best friend also sent us the Ergobaby Original carrier- thanks Kysh!- AND we lucked out with a sweet deal on a super expensive breast pump (wrote about that here).

And again, I’m beyond excited for my parents to arrive tomorrow…because I know that approx. 75% of their luggage consists of baby items. Plus my mom will cook. And she will be my drinking buddy after the baby is born.


Until then, I will be in my usual spot…doing my usual thing…with the usual suspects. (I swear, the beagle is still alive, he just wants nothing to do with me during the day until Tyler gets home)

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Humpday Bumpday

You guys, you guys, you guys. Do you know what is the absolute most adorable thing in the whole wide world? Baby Moccasins. Seriously. I previously hadn’t given much thought to the baby’s coming home outfit but as soon as baby moccs came on the radar, I knew I had to have a pair for him to rock home from the hospital. (I know, I know as if a newborn baby actually needs shoes. Pff. It’s his first outfit EVER so it needs to be cute. I’m banking on a warm summer so I can just have him naked for a few months. Should save us a few $$)

I posted last week some of the moccs I’ve been lusting after (you can see them here) but there is one vendor in particular that I went with because A) she’s local in Calgary, and B) several other mamas in the blog world have raved about her. So when I saw Danielle was running a spring sale on custom made moccs, I ordered right away. PS: I may have even ordered them while I was sitting in the doctor’s office ;).


Her Etsy shop can be viewed here.

Genuine leather moccs made just for my kid? Sign me up. I can’t wait to get these on our little guy! I ordered the light brown leather in size 1 and the cream in 2 (here’s to hoping he doesn’t grow out of shoes as fast as his mama did!) I’ve been told they’re pretty durable and stretch a bit with wear- both indoors and outdoors.






Layla is my shadow, so of course she had to get in on one of the photos 🙂

I’m super excited to have our baby wear these as he grows (sizes range from 1-7) so I will definitely be ordering more in the future. And guess what? Danielle has been kind enough to offer a 25% discount for readers! How awesome is that? Just use the promo code FAB25 at the time of your order.

On another note, his actual outfit should be delivered tomorrow, and I’m anxious to share that Etsy shop with you next week!

And on a third note, Tyler and I had our maternity photos taken on Monday with the wonderfully talented Whitney Cowan (yet another highly raved about person from fellow local blogging mamas). She immediately got us a sneak peak on Facebook- way faster than our wedding photographer *cough cough*- so I thought I’d share that here as well! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. We really did luck out with a sunny, warm March day in CALGARY of all places.


Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday, see ya tomorrow!

Humpday Bumpday

Oh my gosh you guys, I ordered the baby’s coming home outfit last week and I can’t wait to share with you! That’ll have to wait until he decided to come OUT of my body though. Hint: His whole ensemble is bought from various small, local shops- even better!

Quick sidebar: I think all this resting at home is finally starting to pay off. My back is way more manageable now! Hopefully typing that didn’t just jinx myself. This big-ass bump, however, is starting to give me a bit of grief. 3 more weeks. I’ve done a couple of home workouts: some T25 videos (in super-modification mode) and some strength circuits including this one which has finally given me that sore lower body feeling that I’ve been craving.

Weird that I crave workout soreness? Yeah.


I really need to get out of the house. Or put makeup on once in a while just to feel normal. I’m doing you a favor by covering my face.


Ok, ok, ok, sidebar is over.

So, I wanted to share some baby-related things that I’m absolutely COVETING. Perhaps this will make you want them too. Or perhaps this will give you inspiration to be a good samaritan and send them my way. I’ll totally give you my address if that’s your intention. (Don’t worry, we have already got most of the big-ticket items, so these should be fairly easy on your wallet! 😉 )


First up: Leggings. I want to buy ALL the leggings. And not the retail store leggings. The handmade ones.


The leggings shown above can be found at (left to right) BabyBeans&Me, Tiny Threads, Vivie & Ash, BrikHOUSE, Alexandra Rose Handmade, BABYdeardotca

GOSH. I can’t get enough of them.

And then there are the SHOES. Tyler scoffs at me for lusting after all these things because he thinks the baby will grow out of them too fast and that it’s a waste of money. Um, dude, I am willing to forego my lululemon purchases for a while if it means my kid will be stylish. Thankyouverymuch. (OMG DID I JUST SAY I’D FOREGO LULULEMON? I need a drink very badly)


ParkerAndPosie, handmadetherapykids, Potato Feet, Freshly Picked, Wilde Woods, City Moccs

And I obviously need this hoodie


from Purl Lamb

And who can forget a tipi? (The baby’s room is small, but man oh man would I make room for one of these!)


from Modern Tipi

Among a few other things:


from fromtheseeds


swaddle blanket from Baby Elle Apparel

Ok I think it’s about time I rip myself away from the computer because I might just put us in debt if I keep ogling over all these goodies!!

Do you have any favorite baby goods?? Please share!

The Nursery(!!)

Alright, I couldn’t hold it off any longer. The nursery still isn’t 100% done, but I think it’s somewhat put together enough that I thought I’d share some pictures!


This is by far my favorite part of the room. PS: I still need to vacuum, I know. And stock the shelves with diapers and wipes, etc. They’re in the closet- which is currently a disaster filled with baby clothes, the pack n play, the stroller, high chair, bath, and a billionty other baby-necessities. 

It took me a couple hours last night to actually figure out how to arrange the frames on the wall. No joke, a couple of hours. Pregnancy brain is in FULL effect (to further back that up, I just painted two paint samples side-by-side on our living room wall and couldn’t decide which I liked better. Until I discovered that I paint the EXACT SAME COLOR two times. doh). I whipped out some tissue paper and cut out templates and taped them to the wall to make sure I was really sold on the formation and it turned out to be a pretty genius, pinteresty-y type thing to do.

Wanna know where I got some of these goodies?

Wall gallery, starting with the top left and going clockwise:

I Heart My City by HouseOfBoysShop on Etsy

Frame from Michaels (bought cork board and cut to fit the frame)

Peter Cotton Tail print from Market Collective, Dec 2014 (I can’t recall which vendor!)

Teddy Bear print (with cuddle blanket seen on rocker) from BeckyMcCreary on Etsy

Frame from Michaels (bought canvas and cut to fit frame)

Mirror from Winners

Changing pad cover by Aden & Anais

Dresser found on Kijiji (painted white and found these crystal knobs)

Silver cart from Ikea

Swaddle blankets (I want 100 more of these!!) from Aden & Anais. I hope the baby likes them as much as I do

Rug from


I still don’t have any stuffed animals in the room, otherwise I’d probably show a wider shot, but I had to share the print hanging above the crib because I absolutely LOVE it. I actually first wrote about it here and then immediately purchased one for myself (from Minted) The throw was knit by one of the mom’s friends- which I also love!


This corner is almost done as well. I just need to hang a few things and get another rug to put under the chair because the rocker actually slips back a bit and bumps into the wall when I stand up out of it!

Here’s what I’ve got going:

Ottoman from Target (<- this is the closest I could find on the American website, since never listed items online. Oh, and they’re leaving Canada.)

Birch spice racks from Ikea (yet to be hung and will be used for books/stuffed animals)

Rocking Chair from

Pillow from Winners

Night Stand from Ikea, painted white

Lamp from Ikea (took from our guest bedroom)

Ceiling Lamp from Ikea (I am grossly obsessed with this light even though it’s about .00000002 seconds away from being in your grandmother’s house)

The center of the room is also crowded with the bouncer and car seat since I have no other place in the house to put them. I guess that’s what happens when at least 30% of any part of your house is being reno’d at any given time.

It’s crazy how bare the room still feels, yet I feel like I’ve shopped till I’ve dropped and spent more money than I care to admit. How does that happen? Oy.

PPS: Now i feel the need to shop for more baby things after having to link to all of them for this post. Wish my credit card good luck!

Riddle Me This

Riddle me this, internet. WHY would it cost only $10 for me to mail something to the US and have it arrive a week later, but it costs $14 to mail the same size box within Canada- only it takes TWO weeks? Silly Canada post. 1 point to Newman.


I built another wine rack this weekend! Because you know, I’m really into wine these days. Pffff


Oooh, and I FINALLY went to a spin class this week! I originally bought a 10 class hot yoga pass to my favorite studio Hot Yoga and Spin on Crowfoot, but when I found out I was preg, I asked if I could transfer the pass to spin instead. Then I just felt like shit for 3 straight months, so I never got to go. Good news: I loved the class! I’ve actually never taken a class that requires clip-in shoes, but I found it to be WAY better than using cages. The instructor had a rockin’ playlist and attitude which really got me pumped up.

I was actually nervous the first few minutes of class because I didn’t want to get my heart rate up too much and hurt the thing in my stomach (read: baby). But I managed to keep everything at my own pace as much as I could and pushed myself a little bit. IT FELT GOOD. End of story.



PS: If anyone at work asks me ONE MORE TIME how I’m feeling I’m going to bop them on the head. (Does anyone else get annoyed by this? I get the genuine concern and all, but that doesn’t mean it’s ALL I want to talk about)

I went to a tea party last week with my Calgary pal, Susie! Good news: It was fun to hang out and try some new teas. Bad news: I found out that I can drink like ZERO of them because apparently there are SO many different things I can’t consume. Whatever, I still bought some and a really cute glass mug/steeper thingy.

bubble cup


Things I’ve been obsessed with lately:

-fruit by the foot/fruit roll ups (yup, stopped at Safeway after spin class and bought a few boxes. They’re gone already)

-The Good Wife. Still on season 1- only because I watch it in bed and usually fall asleep in about 5 minutes.

-the Lush Snowman Shower Jelly and their Lovely Jubblies breast cream (it was REALLY hard for me to type that B-word.) And I’m actually using that -ish all over my body since it’s basically a firming cream and it smells like heaven mixed with rainbow sprinkles and ponies and naps. (it smells good)

-I can’t stop listening to Fergie’s new song. And I can’t stop laughing about it- because if that video is supposed to rep people from LA (cough cough, where I was born and raised) should I be wearing a massive platinum braid and riding around in a bus decorated with palm trees and a giant skull? And I’m also laughing if there were ever a song about Canada Love- everyone would be drizzled in syrup with fuzzy boots and hockey pucks.

I was looking on Etsy for some new Christmas stockings and ummmmm, they’re expensive. I sent a pic of some I like to my mom and she sent me back a pic a few days later of some she made for me…FOR FREE Y’ALL.


P.S. Note the price on the top Etsy pic. And I think that’s the price for only THREE.

Ooh, and guess what? My otter box iPhone case broke a few weeks ago and I got a replacement from them for free! Pretty sweet, huh? Their website shows you what you need to submit to get a replacement under their warranty.

photo 4-12

And I got a new dress for a wedding. It’s peplum so apparently that makes it flattering around the midsection??

photo 5-8

Last but not least, the best photo I could get of the three of us at the river before the friggin snow and -29 degree weather kicked in:

photo 3-15