Not too many things to share this week- trying to cut back on spending until I’m back in the States in a couple weeks (where I can get more bang for my buck!) But things to share of late are:

The Starbucks App




Yeah,  I know I’m super late on this one. I was totally aware of the app, but never really had the desire to pre-pay for my black coffee. But then I was made aware of all the rewards that can result from pre-paying for black coffee and I got myself signed up right away. In fact, tomorrow I’m indulging in my once annual skinny peppermint mocha. Kinda really excited.

Hot Yoga




I got a 10 class pass to Hot Yoga on Crowfoot. It’s been a couple months since I went last and my hips really needed the stretch, plus I want to get in some sweaty stretch sessions before Vegas.

Lady Gaga




Dang it, you guys. I am a serious Gaga fan and this latest album is no bueno. I listened to the whole CD during my workout last night, and my booty did not throw in any extra shakes due to non-booty-shaking-beats. Le sigh.




Cono Ser Viognier. It’s a sweet white wine. That’s all I have to say about that. Well, that and I only drank about 1/4 of a glass of it when I bought it. So lucky me I have most of a bottle to play around with this weekend.

The Body Shop stuff

1. Moringa  Beautifying Oil. To help with the crazy dry weather and for sexy times! You are welcome for the TMI.



2. Seaweed Clarifying Toner for post- Hot Yoga and other super sweaty workouts. Helps get all the gunky makeup off that I usually miss when I wash my face.



3. White Musk Voluptuous Velvet Body Creme. I already have the perfume of this, so I thought I’d add the body creme to my collection. Yet another thing to lather on and keep my skin from being so dry. I swear, I am itchy practically 24/7 during the winter!



Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bars



Yup, this new flavor is the best. I still have to be super careful not to eat the whole bar in one sitting otherwise I turn into a blowfish. But with this flavor it’s so hard to restrain myself because it’s like a delicious and decadent candy bar.

And I realized maybe I did spend a bit. Woof.

Tell me: what are some of your latest finds?!!

Protein muffins…and stuff

Hidy ho, Winslow! (or whatever your name is)


Before I start, lemme just show you my bangin’ word on Words with Friends (sorry Steph! 😉 )


BOOM. 102 points.

Bfast this morning was a batch of chocolate strawberry protein muffins. I got the idea from meals & moves. I substituted vanilla protein powder for chocolate, used all plain nonfat Greek yogurt and strawberries instead of peaches. They turned out pretty good!


That’s my fancy schmancy collage of muffins. Mmm. A couple of those, a pot of coffee, and a gallon of water and I’m good to go for the day!

I’ve already used the three products that I bought from The Body Shop yesterday and I love each one of them.

First, I got coconut body butter.

I now smell like Hawaii and that makes me happy.

Second, perfume.

It’s a musk, which I never go for, but this one I loved. I now smell like a lady instead of a girl who just walked through the Pink section of Victoria’s Secret.

Last, a face wash.

I was hesitant to buy it because I have been a Neutrogena girl since age 0, but this one exfoliates and leaves my face with a nice, soft glow. I highly recommend!

It is a little rainy here, but I am manning up and taking the pup for a walk. Perhaps a good workout will come to me while we’re out!