Protein muffins…and stuff

Hidy ho, Winslow! (or whatever your name is)


Before I start, lemme just show you my bangin’ word on Words with Friends (sorry Steph! 😉 )


BOOM. 102 points.

Bfast this morning was a batch of chocolate strawberry protein muffins. I got the idea from meals & moves. I substituted vanilla protein powder for chocolate, used all plain nonfat Greek yogurt and strawberries instead of peaches. They turned out pretty good!


That’s my fancy schmancy collage of muffins. Mmm. A couple of those, a pot of coffee, and a gallon of water and I’m good to go for the day!

I’ve already used the three products that I bought from The Body Shop yesterday and I love each one of them.

First, I got coconut body butter.

I now smell like Hawaii and that makes me happy.

Second, perfume.

It’s a musk, which I never go for, but this one I loved. I now smell like a lady instead of a girl who just walked through the Pink section of Victoria’s Secret.

Last, a face wash.

I was hesitant to buy it because I have been a Neutrogena girl since age 0, but this one exfoliates and leaves my face with a nice, soft glow. I highly recommend!

It is a little rainy here, but I am manning up and taking the pup for a walk. Perhaps a good workout will come to me while we’re out!

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