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Winesday Wednesday 12/4

Oh hey. I’m back.
For the last week Tyler and I have been in Las Vegas, hanging out with fam celebrating Thanksgiving sprinkled with early Xmas gifts, drinking, and relaxing. (The last two go hand in hand, no?)
It was glorious. Especially the whole being removed from the real world bit. I was hardly on my phone (gasp) minus instagram, because that’s just fun.
Quick recap of some highlights:
Tuesday night: arrive. Do NOT even get me started on the Calgary airport. I was HANGRY to the max and they closed all the vendors in our terminal. I can’t even talk it about it because it makes me mad.
Wednesday: Saw Ka at MGM. WHY do they sell 32 oz drinks and NOT have an intermission?!!! I am writing them a letter.
Thursday: Wear stretchy pants and drink beer. And eat stupid amounts of food.
Friday: Breakfast at a yummy local diner, shopping, Bellagio-ing, hike at Red Rock Canyon, hot tub
Saturday: Buy candy, eat steak, hot tub
Sunday: Shop, mani/pedi, hot tub fo life
Monday: Brunch at the M casino, more hot tub
And I actually worked out!
Wednesday: Deck of Cards workout
Thursday: Ran 2 1/2 miles
Friday: hike
Sunday: 1/2 mile running intervals with tabatas of legs, arms and abs.
I had two days ‘off’ which mentally I wasn’t too pleased about, but I kept my food portions in check and was always WALKING–> a super huge component of aggressive shopping.
HOLD THE PHONE—> I forgot to announce the winner of the Elevate Me bars giveaway! Congratulations to Melissa….
email me your mailing address and flavor of choice and I’ll pass your info along!
On to Winesday Wednesday shenanigans (slap me on the wrist for failing to post one last week).
On one of my shopping excursions in vegas (not including the several trips to Sam’s club for margarita mix and coronas, and the other trips to Vons for Pyramid Apricots and Shock Tops….I stopped in World Market (one of my faveys) and picked up 3 fall-ish beers for Tyler and I to try:
Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale (different from the Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale) and Samuel Smith Organic Apricot Ale. Yes, I said THREE but I only remembered to photo two of them. The other was Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale. All were pretty good. 
PS: Shock Top makes resealable aluminum cans?! What the what! So useful to have around the hot tub!
PPS: We also had mimosas
PPPS: Mom’s mimosas didn’t have any orange juice
I have your submissions from the past two weeks and I PROMISE to include them in next week’s post…I’m off to bed!