From the Week

And just like that, another week is in the books. This one just FLEW by! How is it already mid-February? I am so confused.

Monday: Breakfast a super delicious smoothie (vega + sweet potato + oats + almond milk + ice).


It was sunny and warm-ish out so I took Wes to Bowmont park for a walk.


We didn’t stay long because I brought the wrong stroller (the citi mini gt isn’t that great on somewhat icy/rocky/snowy/terrain and I left the BOB at home) and Wes kept taking his hat off! Silly boy.

After we got back home, I walked us down the street to our mini makeshift park and introduced him to the swing for the first time. HE LOVED IT. As soon as I put him in, he grabbed the handles and just sat there enjoying me pushing him non stop for EVER.





We had burgers for dinner and they were so good, I had a second patty. I could have probably eaten three. We gave Wes some burger to try and he loved it too. He’s just like his daddy- loves burgers and pickles and cheese 🙂

Tuesday: I remembered there was a baby playdate scheduled at our local library, so we walked over there to see what it was all about. It was another nice day out, so it was great to get even more fresh air! Plus, we live super close to the library and it would take just as long to load and unload him from the car as it would to just walk on over.




They had set out a bunch of blanket with various items for babies to touch and play with. Of course Wes wanted to just shove everything in his mouth. I was dying on the inside about all the germs but what are you gonna do?



There were about 10 other babies and although Wes wasn’t the oldest..he was definitely the biggest. The other moms were shocked when I told them how good of a sleeper and eater he is. And I got to brag about it a little bit 🙂

We went back to the swings again later that afternoon and it was still a hit.


We had chicken tortellini for dinner- it was a Costco find and we didn’t think it was that great. Not bad, just not yummy enough to buy again. Good thing we have two more packages of it in the freezer ha.


After dinner I was playing with Wes and did the worst thing EVER…I spilled a full glass of water all over my laptop. Tyler quickly swooped in and took my laptop of to the laptop ER (the bathroom counter) to inspect the damage and set it up to dry out. I was a nervous wreck and took the doggies on an even longer walk that night because I was having heart palpitations over the potential cost of buying a new one.

Wednesday: I drowned my sorrows in a batch of sweet potato pancakes. It did the trick for the time being. I’m pretty sure anything drenched in maple syrup helps.


We went over to Safeway to pick up some produce (thank GOODNESS they lowered their prices on produce. It was over $2 PER PEPPER before!) and Wes got a kick out of sitting in the cart. So much so that he was doing his Tarzan call over and over again to entertain other shoppers.


I love that the cover has a couple of loops in the front to attach toys so he can’t launch them onto the dirty floor. (This is the one I have)

We had chicken tenders for dinner- they were so good! I could have eaten way more, but wanted to leave some leftovers for lunch the next day. Next time we have these, I’m going to prepare 4x more to put in the freezer for quick meals in the future!


AND GUESS WHAT? Tyler tested my computer and it was fully functional! Hip hip hooray. We already ordered another one just in case, but will be returning it (free of charge) once it’s delivered. I did a major happy dance. Major.

Thursday: I posted a Parker & Posie giveaway. Have you entered? You’d be crazy not to! These soft soled baby shoes are to die for!!!


Not much got done since Wes decided to only have one nap. It’s crazy how much that can affect my productivity! I still managed to get some stuff done around the house and before you know it Tyler was home and I was headed out the door for a brewmasters dinner downtown.


At the very last minute (and I’m VERY thankful for it) I got two tickets to the Bomber Brewing Beer Dinner at National on 8th. It was a 5 course meal with beer pairings from the Vancouver brewery as it was introducing its beers to the Alberta market.




Thankfully, Brie was able to go with me (thanks Brie, and sorry for the last minute invite!).

With the exception of the first course which I didn’t eat (oysters…ew) the food was really good. Like, really really good. I was really glad I wore stretchy pants. I’m not a fish person by any means, but the cod dish was my favorite! And who doesn’t love grilled cheese? It was paired with a spicy tomato soup- perfect for dunking. Then there was the brisket which didn’t even require a knife to cut. And the dessert I could have eaten 10x over because I have the world’s worst sweet tooth.

The beer was pretty good too! A bit too hoppy for my taste (as a stand alone beer), but I think they did an excellent job of pairing each with great foods that really complimented the flavors. My favorite was the chocolate porter that came with dessert- that one I could probably drink on its own! Check out Bomber Brewing here.

All of our beers went unfinished since we were both driving home. Womp womp.


I was home by 10, in bed by 10:10 and still managed to get my 8 hours of sleep. Can’t hate that!

And that’s the week in a nutshell! There were some baths, long doggy walks, and workouts in between. Never mind the fact I polished off the entire batch of nutella muddy buddies I made on Sunday. Oops!

Have a great weekend everyone!


There are a few things I need to confess:

  • I always add A1 to my steak. Even at fancy restaurants.
  • The seam on my socks needs to perfectly align with my toes otherwise I can’t put on my shoes
  • I still try to avoid cracks in the sidewalks. Don’t want to break mama’s back!
  • I forget to turn off my straightener. A lot.
  • I wear my sunglasses all the time. I do not want crows feet.

And, in the spirit of confessionals, I did something very very bad today. Like, go to church and tell a priest bad. I had no motivation to go to the gym (even though I wanted to, my body didn’t) so I went to the store and bought skittles BEFORE my workout. And not the regular size pack. The kind that has a hole on the top so it is a hanging display. Like the bag that has six servings. AND THEN. (this is where you must brace yourself) I went to the gym parking lot AND ATE THE WHOLE BAG. In like minutes. Then worked out. (*gasp*) Please, please, please tell me someone out there has done something as shameful as that. Oof, I felt so horrible about myself.

While I was doing some cardio, I debated whether or not I should make this confession. I know a lot of bloggers try (I’m not saying all!) to put their best foot forward in what they choose to share with the online world, but then JLo’s ‘I’m Real’ came on my iPod, and I thought, ‘What the hell, I’m real-what you get is what you see’. And that ended that debate.

Oddly enough, I had a great workout, but I am hoping the sugar overload and high performance workout were not related. GAH, it feels so good to get that off my chest. Like is something that someone in Overeaters Anonymous would confess. OMG, should I be in Overeaters Anonymous?!

On to better and brighter things. Before my appalling sugar behavior, I started the day with a bowl of oats. I had no nut butter in the house- I REPEAT: NO NUT BUTTER IN THE HOUSE- so I had to improvise. I mixed oats with almond milk, water, chia seeds and Vanilla Chai Vega protein, then topped with a spoonful of Cranberry Apple Butter.

I have to admit, it was probably the least appetizing looking bowl of oats I have ever made. The protein powder had a greenish hue to it. But, it had a sweet flavor; definitely different than the creamy bowl of peanut buttery oats that I’m used to.

The Vega One was a single serving pack- I am still debating whether I want to indulge myself in a full canister. It’s so expensive! But there is SO MUCH protein in it, and it’s good, and I like it and I could have it everyday…

You know what today feels like? It feels like a great day to go see The Hunger Games! Especially since it’s half price Tuesday at the theater around the corner! Eek, I’m so excited. I was going to make lamb stew for dinner in honor of the movie, but I realized I don’t really care for lamb, nor do I care for stew. And I wasn’t about to go shoot a rabbit with a bow and arrow instead. Nuts and berries maybe? No, Tyler needs a man’s meal. What to do, what to do.

I’ll check in tonight when I get home from the movies! In the meantime…

Anybody have a confession?


Ice Cream Meltdown

Last night, I had a meltdown. A what the hell is happening with my life type of meltdown. I just lost motivation to go to the gym, didn’t want to get out of bed, socialize…..NOTHING. So of course, when Tyler got home I started bawling my eyes out. I got snotty. I know now that Tyler really REALLY loves because he wiped my snot WITH HIS BARE HAND. I shudder at the thought. After the crying conundrum, Tyler and I went to DQ where I picked up this bad boy:

I mean, it’s not the best thing to have when you haven’t worked out in two days (I was depressed, OK!?) and it’s dairy (another no-no) but all men know that the key to a woman’s heart -when you can’t afford jewelry- is ice-cream. After the first bite, I took a deep breath and automatically felt better. To complete the night, we watched Jackass 3 and I laughed my dairy-engorged heart out. I also had the best night’s sleep after. Cry session for the win!

In an effort to squish the blues, I was determined to be a little more proactive today. I had a smoothie (banana, almond cashew butter, chia seeds, almond milk and ice) and eggs for breakfast.

I got my tush up to go to the gym, and Twyla ended up coming with! Sometimes (lots of times) it’s so nice to have a workout buddy. Heck, you don’t even have to work out with them, just arrive and leave at the same time! It feels so much more encouraging. Today’s workout was a combo of cardio and strength intervals. Some of your run-of-the-mill exercises I have posted about before. I ended with a good 20 minutes using the Bosu Ball. I did jump lunges, planks, russian twists, leg lifts and burpees using that thing.

Post workout eats included a Vega Bodacious Berry protein smoothie (only 100 cals, 11g protein, and 2 servings of veggies!)

And a cheddar/spinach/salsa whole wheat wrap.

Which was mainly a spinach wrap. I’m not complaining, I need all the greens I can get!

My sweat started to really cool down, so I made a cup of peppermint tea to top it all off

Immediately after tea, Twyla and I took all three pups to Nose Hill for a walk. I tried to take some pictures, but it was a tad overcast, so you can’t see much. But I will post them regardless

Twy with all three pups:

Me with all three. Layla was terrible on the leash. Ugh.

I have just napped and showered after a full day..gonna gussy myself up for tonight (Even though I have no clue what we are doing, I figured it would be nice to put on real clothes and makeup).

Not a whole ton of words today. I am partially recovering from last night’s sob fest and I’m just so dang pooped from working out and that walk!

Have a great Friday night, see y’all in the A.M.!

I miss Trader Joe’s!

I miss Trader Joe’s! And Whole Foods! Ah, the misery! As I was getting in my car to go hit Safeway around the corner, I took a 6 km (Tyler adjusted my GPS to read kilometers instead of miles. you can do the conversion if you wish) detour to Planet Organic Market to see how it compared to my long lost loves.

Obviously, I didn’t leave empty handed. I got a some almond milk, nutritional yeast, peppermint tea, Snapea Crisps, almond cashew butter, and three Vega protein smoothies. <–I’m really excited to try these smoothies, I’ve heard so much about the company (all positives!) and have had a hard time finding them! Score!

THEN, I managed to get back to Safeway to buy the intended taco fixings. Tacos turned to taco salads when I somehow bought a bag of blue corn tortilla chips. Don’t know how that happened.

I managed to eat about half of all that. Phew. Peppermint tea to the rescue!

On another note, when I got home, Layla seemed to be drooling excessively. Like, running faucet. It won’t stop. I think it’s because she’s recently come across rubber chewing toys. I’m really hoping it’s not the new pills she’s on. She’s not flinching when I try to touch her teeth or gums….guess we’ll have to play the waiting game on that one. Anyone have this problem with their dogs before? Lil help here!

Off to watch The River (terrible show, but I have to see how the season ends) and get crackin’ on Catching Fire!